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Apr 16 2012

Why Texting and Walking’s Just as Bad as Texting and Driving

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We all know the warning signs about texting while driving. If for some reason you have no clue the dangers of it, just watch one of the PSAs, and the message will depressingly hit home.

Now, we’re not proponents of doing it, but every once in awhile, it’s crucial to whip out the old phone, read what someone said, and quickly reply back. Most time’s it’s really not that important, but if you’re on the way over to a chick’s house late-night, we’d say that texting her before she hits the sack is something that absolutely has to get done.

Since we’ve clearly stated that it’s not good to text and drive, we want to discuss another danger that’s sweeping the globe – texting and walking. It may seem harmless at first – since you’re walking at about 3 miles per hour, as opposed to driving at 50 – but when it’s you who ends up embarrassing the hell out of themselves, it’s not so funny.

We hate texting as it is, but since it’s a form of communication we have to learn to accept, here are a couple reasons why we may start wearing a helmet and have a guide dog while walking with our full attention on our phone.

1. You’re Distracted

As with driving, your eyes won’t be focused on what’s in front of you – which is never a good thing. You can probably get a way with it if you’re just walking down your driveway or in an empty parking lot, but as soon as you get your ass around people, busy roads, or even alone in your garage, there’s a good chance you’ll end up running into something. Good luck explaining to people that the cut you have on your face came from a damn electrical pole you walked by.

2. You Miss Looks From Hot Girls

So this kind of goes along with being distracted, but one of the best things about walking around is people watching. You can’t tell us it’s not great walking by a group of total babes on a sunny day. Who knows, you may even get a little smirk from one of ‘em? When you’re buried face first into that phone, the only chance you have of a smirk is when they’re laughing at you for running into one of them, spilling their coffee on them. You definitely don’t want to be the guy who spills hot coffee onto hot girls.

3. There’s No Seatbelt to Save You

Unlike a car, where you can depend on the trusty seatbelt from protecting you from flying through a car windshield, there unfortunately isn’t an app on your phone for that. If you’re walking with your head down and pumping music full blast while crossing the street, well, it was nice to know you bud.

4. Your Hands Are Occupied

It’s really f*cking annoying seeing someone struggle carrying stuff when their number one priority is the text they’re trying to send. We get it, your life is way more important than the other people standing on the train, but when it’s rush hour, and there’s barely room to stand, it’d be pretty cool not to take up a two foot radius for the crap you can’t hold to send that text.

5. Yes, People Are Reading What You’re Writing

Unlike in your car, you’ve got a ton of eyes on you to see what you’re saying to your recipient. Don’t fool yourself, people are creeps. They’ll look right over your shoulder and see every bit of your dirty talk with your girlfriend. At least in your car, your girlfriend can say how she’ll roll around in honey all night for you without anyone seeing.

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