. 5 Horrible Realizations of a 33-Year-Old Going To the Gym |

Apr 16 2012

5 Horrible Realizations of a 33-Year-Old Going To the Gym

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We’ve all read articles about gym etiquette and the most annoying types of people we encounter at the gym.  Hell I’ve written a few of those myself and no matter how many I read, they always seem to hit home.

But what I want to talk about today are some of the things I started noticing about myself while in attendance at the gym.   Things that I honestly never thought I’d be thinking.   And some stuff I never thought I’d be doing.

Fact is, it just ain’t like it used to be anymore….

Some of these Kids are Half My Age

The gym I go to has a ton of high school kids who are on their football team.  And I happen to go at the exact time these little punks are there.  Here I am at the age of 33 not even realizing that most of them are literally half my age!   I just can’t fathom that right now.   In my head I’m seeing the workouts they do, matching myself up.   Fact is, I just can’t do that anymore.   They’re kids and I’m a grown man who hurts, and hurts dearly if I go too heavy or screw something up.

Do I really Dress This Way Now?

There are times I catch myself in the mirror and realize that I am in fact 33.   It’s the subtle things like not caring if my socks are higher.   Sometimes my shirt is a little short, or too long.  I’ll find my hair to be a mess.   When I was younger, going to the gym was like going to a bar.   Now I just don’t give a rats ass.   And I know that only comes with age.

I Can’t Believe I’m Stretching

Not only can’t I believe that I’m stretching but I know that if I don’t I will most certainly get injured.   As a young man I could go through two hours of an intense workout, not stretch, and really not be affected.  Now?  Not even a remote chance of that happening.

Yup, I’m Done for the Day

There were times when I would push through injury at the gym.   Pain didn’t mean a thing.  But now?  Now I know better.  Now the slightest tweak will cause me to halt my workout and get right the hell home.   It’s not that I want to do this.  It’s just that I know better.   In all honesty it sucks but it’s the right thing to do.

Younger Girls Know How Old I Am

This is probably the biggest killer of them all.   Yeah sure some of the 50 year old women will look at me but I really miss the days when looking at a younger girl was legal.  Now I feel like I’m just a perverted old man.  I mean hell.  Most of these chicks are around 17-24 so yeah, I guess I am a perv to them.  Man that sucks.



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