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Apr 13 2012

Five Annoying Types of People You’ll Encounter on a Long Line

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If there’s any possible way of me avoiding shopping on a weekend I take it.   In general I’d say I’ve gotten pretty good at this.   Without question the best times to run errands are at like 2PM on a Wednesday.   Most of you folks are out there working in offices so I know this isn’t possible for all of you.

I work too but if I can get out for an hour it’s well worth it to shop at odd times.   For me there’s one reason and one reason only I abide by the rule (when I can):  Long lines.

Long lines are the bane of my existence and I feel like utter death when I’m on one.   Especially when I see any of these five types of people…

The People Who Don’t Move When They Should

I try to be as patient as I possibly can when I’m on a crowded line.   It’s a challenge to say the least.  But when you get that annoying punk who simply doesn’t move when the rest of the line does?  Yeah, it’s pretty aggravating.   You see a space of like 10 feet between him and the next guy and it really pisses you off.

The Loud Cell Phone Talkers

These people are annoying anywhere but they especially piss me off on a long line.  Why?  Because there’s really no place to go.  It’s like being on the subway.  You’re stuck with only your thoughts and having to stare at some idiot who has no regard for anyone else.

The People Who are Up Your Ass

There are those that don’t move when they should and then there are those that move no matter what.   I think I hate these people even more.   These are the people who basically touch you constantly and are more impatient and oblivious than you’ll ever be.   I absolutely cannot stand these people.

The People who make small talk at the counter

So you’ve waited at least 20 minutes on a long line and you just want to pay for your items.  What happens?  Some dolt in front of you asks 100 questions and then has the balls to make small talk with the person behind the counter.   These are the times I wish I had a gun.

People who seem way too OK being on a Long Line

When I’m pissed on a long line I like everyone else to be pissed.  It makes me really angry when I see others don’t feel my pain.  I can’t help it but it’s true.



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