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Apr 12 2012

10 Television Theme Songs That Will Give you Nostalgia

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For me the sense of smell usually elicits the strongest memories.  For example I might come across a certain smell and be taken back to a time when I was five years old at some birthday party.  Like I could actually remember being there.   It almost feels too real.    The reason I bring this up is because sound can do nearly the same thing.

Speaking of which, the other day I was watching Three’s Company and after hearing the theme song I instantly was taken back to my childhood.  It’s pretty amazing what just a simple song can do to the senses.

So I decided to come up with ten television theme songs that will get those memories flowing…..

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I’d say anyone who was over the age of 10 when this show was on probably knows the lyrics.   Hell teenagers of today even know it.


I’m pretty sure if I see “Where everybody knows you’re name” to 100 Americans, at least 80 would know I was talking about Cheers.


God I hate to admit this but come on.   “I’ll be there for youuuuuu!” is never associated with anything but the show friends.

The A-Team

It’s funny because this is one of those songs that just shoots out to you.   It’s the kind of song that you never really think of but when you hear it, you know exactly what it’s from.

Three’s Company

Come and knock on our door!

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