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Apr 11 2012

The Best Drinking Games

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Thanks to drinking games, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to drink the whole night, or just fifteen minutes. They’ve given us all a reason to slam our brews each time we hear words in songs, phrases in movies, or simply because we only have two 40’s, duct tape, and nothing better to do. There’s never been more ways to get absolutely schwasted.

Because we can never have too much to drink – or too many different ways to go HAM, here are the drinking games we’d advise you to start trying to master.

Edward 40 Hands

Inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands, this game will challenge your speed and endurance. For serious boozers only, a night of 40 Hands will get you about eight standard drinks, or enough to put you on your ass. Did we mention that’s over about an hour or so?

- How To Play: Duct tape two 40 oz (ahem, Colt 45) brews to your hands. Don’t take off the bottles until you’re done. Drink up quick to beat your friends… and your bladder.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Mario Kart was fun as a kid, but it’s even better when adding some alcohol. Play again and again for increased hilarity. Rainbow Road was never more of a disaster as it is now.

- How To Play: Set up a Mario Kart game on any system and get some drinks ready! There’s a couple of variations here. You can either drink one beer a race, take one shot a race, or, for advanced drinkers only, take one shot every lap! Either way, no drinking while you’re moving!

Flip Cup

This game may be super girly, but it’s something that everyone should master. Typically won by professional sorority girls, you’ll probably lose any sense of masculinity that you gained from your 45-second kegstand. That said, don’t knock it ‘til you flip it

- How To Play: Split up into two even teams. On go, the first member of each team chugs their cup (half-full with beer). Once the cup is empty, the player sets the cup upside-down on the edge of the table, and attempts to flip it right-side-up. Once the cup is stable, the next member starts to chug. First team done wins… and carries on their pride against the next challengers. For added intensity, try playing Survival mode, where the winners vote off one of the losing team’s players.

Drink Driver (or Ride the Bus)

This one’s a recipe for complete and utter drunken disaster if you’re playing with shots – but don’t worry, it’s totally beer-friendly too. If you’ve got the stamina to make it through the deck, you’re a champ among champs.

- How To Play: Lay out some cards (usually between four and ten) face-down in front of the “driver.” Begin flipping the cards over one by one. For every face card that appears, the “driver” drinks, while cards are added to the end of the line of cards (Jacks are one, Queens are two, Kings are three, and Aces are four). The game is over when the end of the line is reached without hitting a face card.

Beer Pong

No surprise here. Pong is the ultimate, go-to party game. It’s so popular that it even has its own World Series each year! Simple to learn, almost impossible to master, it’s the chess of drinking games. Domination at the table equals instant and eternal respect.

- How To Play: There’s an infinite number of variations at colleges everywhere, so be sure to check the house rules before you step up to the table. To sum it up, all you do is shoot a ping pong ball from your side to your opponent’s, with the aim of making it in one of the cups. Each cup equals one drink. Looking to break the 17-game record? Stick to beer. Looking to get really weird? Grab the vodka and call it a night.

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