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Apr 10 2012

Four Harsh Realities You Face When Getting Older

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I’m still a relatively young guy at 33.   However, knowing that I’m twice the age of some of the guys I see in the gym is something that’s beginning to bother me.   Because in my head I definitely still feel that way.   I mean I kind of do.

I suppose I have the realization that I’m not a kid anymore.   And I know that I can’t live the same life that I used to.   But I guess there will always be that part of my brain that somehow refuses to believe it’s a reality.

It’s that reality that becomes tough to handle sometimes.   And of all the realities we have to face as we get older, here are five that really suck.

You Simply Can’t Party Like You Used To

I’m actually come to accept this.  Hell I never thought I’d admit it but I personally don’t like to party anymore.   I mean yeah there are those days when I feel like crap seeing a group of young kids obviously having the time of their lives.   But at this stage in the game, it would only wreck me.   It’d be fun for like 2 hours and then destroy the rest of my week.   I don’t mind waking up at 8am on a Saturday and I sure as hell don’t mind turning in before 11pm either.   I never thought I’d write that sentence but it’s the truth.

Can’t Only Think Of Yourself Anymore

For many of us after the age of 30, we’re not only responsible for ourselves but we are responsible for our families.  Whether you have children or not,  you may be married or in a relationship.  That means you can’t really look out for old number one anymore.   You gotta look out for the rest of the people in your lives.   That’s a nice bonus stress in your life eh?   It can be rewarding but can also be a tremendous weight on your shoulders.

Practically Nothing Financial Comes Easy

Unless you inherited a ton of money, won the lottery, or got lucky being born into a rich family, nothing substitutes hard work.  It’s that simple.   And no matter how many schemes you try out there, you’ll always get burned if you try to take any shortcuts.   It’s better to understand that as soon as possible rather than learn the hard way.

Injuries are Going to Happen No Matter What

Remember when you could go to the gym, not warm up and just start doing reps?   Remember when you could just start sprinting and not worry about stretching?  Good luck doing any of this after the age of 30.   In the past 3 years I’ve already had nearly a year and a half off because of recovering from injuries.   They’re going to happen.  They suck.  And there’s really nothing you can do about it.




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