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Apr 09 2012

The Most Badass Fish on the Planet Has a Bounty

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Maryland has put a bounty on snakehead fish, a particularly nasty breed of fish that ruins eco-systems and is even able to survive on land. The state wants them gone so much, in fact, that if anglers are able to catch and kill snakehead fish, they’ll be rewarded a $200 gift card for Bass Pro Shops and various other prizes. Snakehead fish are native to Africa and Asia, but the “fish from hell” managed to make its way to waters here in the United States, and they’re wreaking havoc on the eco-systems of lakes, ponds and streams. The invasive, aggressive fish likely found their way in American waters by way of the Asian seafood market, officials suspect. While the initiative to remove snakehead fish from Maryland’s waters hopes to get as many fish out of the water as possible, officials don’t expect the problem to go away completely anytime soon–still, officials are hopeful that the growing problem will at least be alleviated.

How badass is this fish? It can decide whether or not it wants to run sh$t in water or land. This animal is the kind of next-level, take over the world, type creature we see in movies. Dudes are just shelling out $200 gift cards if you can snag one of these guys. I’m about to head to Maryland and go bounty-hunting bro.

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