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Apr 09 2012

Five Very Interesting Uses for Poop

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It’s probably not something you often think about when you’re in the crapper.   I mean you look at the mess you made in the bowl and you simply want to flush it down the toilet.

But it turns out that your feces is a hell of a lot more valuable than you think.  Well, animal feces is.   It doesn’t seem that humans have looked to their own poop that much yet.

In any event, here are five pretty cool uses for poop you might not be familiar with….


Yes, poop can actually be used to make paper.  It’s made of an indigestible fiber that supposed to keep the system clean.  Turns out these “fibers” are now being spun, washed, rinsed, whatever you want to call it to make stationary.  In Thailand, elephant patties are collected, cleaned, spun, dyed, and dried to make paper that is sold mainly to raise funds for elephant preservation projects and sanctuaries and to support zoos. China followed suit and is producing Panda Poo Paper.


Though I would have to think that poo is used for this purpose in only the most extreme cases no?  I mean surely the soldiers or whoever are using the poop could have found mud or something dirty to cover their faces.   Why they would use poop is a mystery to me.   Then again, I’m totally wrong here.   Back in the old days during World War II the allies used Camel Dung to make fake land mines.   OK good, no facial poop camouflage.  That’s a relief.


Many of you might not know this but the most expensive coffee in the entire world comes from poop.   Yup. he Asian Palm Civet is a small animal that loves to eat coffee cherries, if it is lucky enough to live on the Indonesian islands where coffee is grown. The cherries only partially digest and are excreted fairly intact. The poop is gathered and washed, and the coffee beans are sold as Kopi Luwak, which can cost hundreds of dollars per pound.

Clean Water

Now if that doesn’t sound like an oxymoron or something of the like then I don’t know what does.   Turns out that in order to clean silver from the mines in Bolivia, a certain bacteria is needed to take care of all the bad agents in the water such as algae and fish than can damage the silver.  So what is used?  Llama dung.   Whee!


This is probably one of the more common ones but still worth mentioning simply because it’s amazing.   Manure is made up of 60% methane which can then be used as fuel.    Chicken manure can be used for electrical energy.  Cow manure can be used to heat homes.  And pig manure can be used for cars as you might have seen in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.   That movie wasn’t too far fetched.

A big thank you to Mentalfloss for uncovering some of these crazy truths

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