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Apr 06 2012

This is the Greatest Sports Week Ever

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you’ve probably heard of the show “Best Week Ever.” Well just like that show, the past week or so has given us some good memories.

Looking back on the past week, we’ve decided it’s by far the best sports week ever! From college hoops to Opening Day, it seems every single sport wanted to get in on the action. For the nights of slacking off and watching TV, we couldn’t be happier!

The NCAA Championship

It started last weekend with the Final Four, and ended with the Title Game this past Monday. Sure, we’re not happy that the Madness is over, but another memorable tournament’s in the books, not to mention our alma mater ended up hoisting the trophy. It may be a little biased, but come on, even without UK raising numero ocho, the tourney’s been the highlight of the past month!

Baseball’s Opening Day

Opening Day brings back a ton of memories for us. Whether it’s playing hooky and skipping out of school early to catch the game, or taking a two-hour lunch in order to watch some of the games, baseball season’s the official start of Spring, which no one can argue is the best time of year. Beer and baseball: a tremendous combination!

The Masters

Can Tiger finally capture another Major? Will Rory be able to bounce back after flopping last year? As the tradition like no other tees off this weekend, these are just a couple questions fans are asking themselves. If you can’t get down to Augusta to catch the action in person, we’d think posting-up on the couch to listen to Jim Nantz call it should suffice. No matter where you are, we suggest not missing the action.

NBA Drama

The playoffs continue to get closer, so the nationally televised games just keep getting better. Everyone knows the Association is a superstar league, so there’s nothing better than watching guys like Bron Bron and Durant battle it out on a Wednesday night like they did the other day. Add in the daily drama that seems to be going on in Orlando – this time with reports that D12 demands Stan Van Gundy gets axed – and it makes the drama anything but mellow.

NFL Mock Drafts

The NFL offseason is seriously more boring than sitting through church on Easter Sunday – which we unfortunately have to do this weekend. But as colleges hold their Pro Day’s for potential stars to showcase their talents, and GM’s and Coaches evaluate and maneuver every single thing about their team, fans can look forward to analysis each day to see what their team might be planning to do. With so many different Mock Drafts out there, we like to weigh where a player might potentially fall. It’s nearly impossible to be spot-on, but at the very least, it gives you a couple hours to read up on things while escaping those spreadsheets at work.

Champions League

Did you see what Messi did the other day? How about Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal? We get that it’s not the World Cup – which is probably the only time you might even consider watching soccer – but it is a compilation of the world’s best players on a single pitch. Add in the fact that it’s the top notch club teams battling it out, and it makes it even that much more exciting. If that’s the sell, than we’ll definitely buy!

NHL Season Wraps Up

We admit that we’re anything but true hockey fans (do you know anyone who really is?), but for our money, the NHL playoffs are actually really cool to watch. The entire league seems to be in the hunt for a spot, so with the season wrapping-up, your hometown team might be a lock to make the postseason, but is anything but assured home ice.

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