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Apr 06 2012

Five Animal Sports That Actually Exist

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So what do I mean by animal sports?  Well, any kind of sport involving an animal.   So at the simplest core think of things like horse racing or bull fighting.  OK, now that we have the covered, you’d be seriously surprised at all of the sports out there involving animals.

These are sports I never knew about until now.  I’m not even sure the word “sport” is appropriate here.  You be the judge.

Here are five crazy animal sports that actually exist….

Thanks to Oddee for these finds.

Elephant Polo

Just as the name implies, this game is exactly the same as Polo only it’s played using elephants.    It’s most commonly played in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Thailand.

Ferret Legging

Also known as ferret-down-trousers and put ‘em down, the rules of the sport are pretty “tight.”  Competitors have two ferrets placed inside their pants which are tied firmly at the ankles and belted up at the waist, thereby eliminating any point of escape for the animals. The competitor then stands before judges, enduring the misery of the ferrets’ razor-sharp claws and teeth.  Object of the game? Stand there as long as you possibly can.  Sounds pretty awful.

Camel Wrestling

If you’ve ever been to the West Coast you might be familiar with Camel Wrestling.  Think cock or dog fighting and you might get a better understanding of this.   Camel wrestling is an open-air stadium sport pitting two bulls against each other, encouraged by an alluring cow, who’s paraded in front of the contestants and led away. The male camels froth at the nose and mouth, and then — if the crowd is lucky — start to fight. The object for a wrestling camel, usually, is to dominate his rival by sitting on him.  Luckily the camels are muzzled so as to avoid biting but come on.   Camels wrestling?  Ouch.

The World Snail Racing Championships

Snail racing involves racing two or more land snails, typically on a circular track with a radius of 13-14 inches.  Numbers are usually painted on the snail shells or stickers are attached to them.   These events apparently take place all over the world but the one in the U.K. is the most popular.

Turkey Bowling

Well, thankfully we’re not talking live turkeys here.    Turkey bowling is a sport which is based on ordinary bowling: a frozen turkey serves as a bowling ball and 10 plastic bottles of soft drinks or water are the bowling pins.  It’s popular in the U.S. but mainly Canada.  Leave it to the Canadians.

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