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Apr 05 2012

Four Items In Your Home You Should Never Go Cheap On

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I’m not a millionaire.   I’m not rich.  I don’t even consider myself comfortable.   However I do understand the concept of “saving money by spending money.”  That’s not to say that you should be doing this in all instances and in all cases.

By no means am I saying that I need to buy a premium brand battery when a store brand will do.   But there are clearly times when spending a little extra change can save you in the long run.

In particular, some bigger ticket items that you might have in your home or apartment should never, ever be bought on the cheap.  Here are five in particular……

Your Bed

Given that you spend  nearly a third of your life on a bed don’t you think that you should buy one that’s pretty comfortable?  Yeah I’d say so.   I mean when you put it that way you realize how important it is.  But how much is too much?  I’ve read that once you hit the $2500 threshold the quality of a bed doesn’t get much better.  However if you’re below $800 then you should considering upping the ante a bit.

Kitchen Appliances

This is one of those things that can make or break your bank.   There are some appliances that can literally last 15 years.   Why mess with that kind of durability just to save money when the chances it’ll break down are so much higher.  You also run the risk of having other kinds of problems due to poor quality.   Problems that can affect other areas of the house that need fixing.    Don’t mess with that.


Is the theme here kicking in?  I’m sure it is.   Like the first two mentioned there’s really something to be said for quality furniture.  In particular don’t skimp on your couch.  You want to be comfortable, and for a while.   I’m not sure how high is too high but I’d definitely say that $300 or below is pretty low.

A Computer

Granted new technology comes out every year but there’s a big difference between a computer that lasts you one year and one that lasts you five.   I don’t mind having to get a new one every five years.  But if I’m running into the store each year I’m gonna be pissed.  Luckily computers aren’t crazy expensive anymore anyway.  But go with one that’s quality and if it means a couple of extra bucks, so be it.


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  • Ron

    God yes on the computer. Being the family “tech guy”, I get so tired of some cheap ass relative (or friend of mom) who buys the cheapest computer system out there and then tries to get me to “fix” it.

    I tell them. Don’t buy an HP laptop from Best Buy. Don’t buy a college special Dell laptop. Get a rock solid, business class machine. Load it up with memory. It will cost twice as much, but you will get your work done.



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