. Gold Jumpsuits Will Convince you That Coal is Bad |

Apr 04 2012

Gold Jumpsuits Will Convince you That Coal is Bad

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We had a post up similar to this one last week.    And yet again Sierra Club insists that taking old footage from 80s movies combined with funny dialogue will get the point across.  You know something?  It kind of does.  While I like there bikini spot we posted last week, this one isn’t bad either.   It for some reason makes me think of Planet of the Apes.  Oh and reminds me to hate coal.   Tee hee.

What this actually has to do with coal I don’t know but I do like the direction we’re headed in with ads.   Let’s go retro.  Let’s go jumpsuits that are gold.   Not sure why they didn’t just channel Austin Powers or something.   This is fine though and it works.

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