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Apr 04 2012

7 Breathtaking Places to Visit in the Continental U.S.

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When a person goes away on vacation they often want to feel like they’re truly “getting away.”   Usually that means getting on a plane and going somewhere that’s pretty far from home.

But sometimes you don’t have to go that far from home to see something truly amazing.   Sometimes you only need to drive a few hours to be in a place that’s completely different than where you live.   And while I love leaving the country to see other places in the world, I know that staying in the U.S. can be just as special.

Here are seven breathtaking places to visit in the continental U.S.    I figured Hawaii and Alaska wouldn’t count.

Grand Teton National Park – Jackson  Hole, Wyoming

America has older mountains than the Tetons, and higher ones. But it has none more dramatic. The jagged range was formed 6 million to 9 million years ago, when grinding pressure along the Teton Fault caused two massive sections of the Earth’s crust to come unhinged. On the rift’s west side, a block reared up to form the Teton range.  Trust me when you see them, you’ll know how amazing they are.

Sedona, Arizona

Of every single city I’ve ever visited in the United States, Sedona is by far my favorite.    The Red Rock Country in and around Sedona, Ariz., is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever visited in the U.S.  And despite the fact I’m not an earthly guy, something about that region just puts me in a good mood.  They say it’s the energy from the Red Rocks and I honestly might believe that.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport’s wharfs, historic mansions, and famed Cliff Walk along the eastern shore makes this destination a spot on anyone’s list.  The New England coastal town has spectacular scenery and a solid downtown area that makes it a perennial tourist favorite.  The mansions alone are worth a peek.

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

It’s funny because when I think of lakes I never think that the water can be crystal clear.   I never think that the water can actually look similar to caribbean water.   But that’s what you get in parts of Michigan.   Sleeping Bear dunes are almost like this secret tropical place in the United States that no one knows about.

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