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Apr 30 2012

Xenia Deli Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Sure her name kind of sounds like a restaurant but would that in any way stop you?  I didn’t think so.  Xenia is just yet another in a string of new hot girls that you didn’t know about that you now know about that you’ll soon forget.  It’s a shame isn’t it?  I guess.  Maybe.  Whatever.

The Portfolio

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Apr 30 2012

12 Animals Jumping

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Call us suckers, but we love animals, so when they’re doing something that we kind semi-cool, we get pretty stoked about it. That’s why when we saw four puppies playing together this weekend, we thought about cool things that animals do that we like.

One of the things we really like is when animals jump. They typically have funny faces, they can look really cool, and it’s pretty amazing that they’ve got hops like Blake Griffin. For that, we wanted to show some off.

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Apr 30 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Gabriela Paganini Knows What Works

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There’s not much to say about Gabriela Paganini that probably hasn’t already been said. She’s got a wicked body, and can literally melt a man with just one look from some of the sexiest sets of eyes we’ve ever seen… but mainly, it’s her booty that does it for us.

We rarely forget how hot our friends from Brazil really are, so make no mistake that Gabriela is just another woman in the fine lines of pure sexiness, amazing curves, and well… just take a look at those tan lines she’s got going on!?!

Catch more Gabriela Paganini after the jump…

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Apr 30 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Provide a Few Minutes Of Enjoyment as Host of White House Correspondents Dinner

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Click the picture about to see the video of Jimmy Kimmel hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner

ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel may not have gotten the loudest laughs of recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosts, but he did leave the stage at the Washington Hilton with the satisfaction of knowing he didn’t bomb

Kimmel’s half-hour speech was received with consistent, if not uproarious, laughter — likely a result of his playing it relatively safe. By Correspondents’ Dinner standards, and certainly compared to Seth Meyers‘ 2011 skewering of Donald Trump, Kimmel really wasn’t that mean.

I’m not giving Kimmel a high score here. I love how they flew in Kim Kardashian just so the guy had some jokes. Lame!

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Apr 30 2012

Party Themes That Will Get You Laid

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We understand that when you’re at a party, there’s typically two things on your mind – Getting hammered and hooking-up. So if you’re thinking of throwing a rager in hopes to get yourself some T&A, we’re here to help you step it up a notch with some party ideas.

Since we know girls like to dress up for things – and we really thank them for throwing the inhibitions to the wall and skank it up – we give you the best themed gigs to try and get yourself laid. Yes, you can thank us anytime you want.   Continue Reading »

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Apr 30 2012

The 2012 Miss Roadster Show in Boise

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I tell ya there’s plenty to love and hate about this wonderful country of ours.   Today I’m in a good mood so I’d like to focus on something I love.   I love finding little small town events that host beautiful girl pageants.   How awesome is that?  Seriously.

Let’s take today for example.   Today I came across this popular racetrack in Boise, Idaho called Firebird Raceway.   And wouldn’t you know it?  They have an annual bikini contest called the Miss Roadster Show.

I of course have pictures of this year’s event….

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Apr 30 2012

10 Yearbook Quotes I Can Stand Behind

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It’s getting to be that time for seniors all around the country.   Whether you’re in high school or college your days are getting lazier and lazier and you’re hoping school comes to a close sooner than you think.  Well for college seniors I would think you don’t want to leave at all.  I sure as hell didn’t.   So let’s focus on the high school seniors then.

If I had to do it all again, I know I’d have left a way better yearbook quote than I did.  Mine was “there’s a time and the time is now and it’s right for me, it’s right for me, and the time is now.”   It was by the band Yes and it was a dumb quote for me to have burned into that y earbook.   If I could do it all again I’d have not taken anything seriously and just left something incredibly stupid, yet witty at the same time.

I just wish I could go back in time.  Oh well.   At least this kids got it right……

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Apr 30 2012

Monday’s Madness: Jennifer Love Hewitt Starts It, Mother Nature Disguises, and The Fight Vixens

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Click on the photo for more of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Does anyone else find it coincidental that ever since Jennifer Love Hewitt was ragged on about her weight a few years ago that she’s A.  Slimmed down and looks amazing and B.  Has slutted out more and more over the years?  She never used to do this back when she first got famous.   Hmmmmm, ironic, don’t you think?

The Madness

The most mind blowing mother nature disguises out there – [Cracked]

Philadelphia has got itself a nice cheerleading squad – [Unathletic]

When you need to find out about geek stuff go here – [Majorgeeks]

It’s where I go to see celebrity chicks – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Andy Muise is the new model I’m looking for – [Celebslam]

Jessica Alba looks amazing at Whole Foods – [Moejackson]

Some of the sexiest baseball girls of the season – [Gunaxin]

The last supper at a chain restaurant – [Collegehumor]

Anything with Imogen Thomas works for me – [Heyman Hustle]

Sure I’ll take advice from Kate Upton – [Brobible]

Watch Lindsay Lohan age 40 years in 60 seconds – [Guyism]

An amazing collection of beautiful photography – [Nedhardy]

These guys have the best taste in women – [Extramustard]

Playing Jennifer Aniston magazine cover twister – [Cityrag]

Check out the latest hot girl next door – [Bullz-Eye]

The amazing transformation of a geek – [Izismile]

Ashley Hart finds her way into a bikini at the beach – [Don Chavez]

Five new shows that would be awesome for TLC – [Holytaco]

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Apr 28 2012

Photo of the Week: Kid on the Right

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Honestly I don’t know how to comment on this.  I’m leaving that to you guys.  See you on Monday.

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Apr 27 2012

Kodee Marie Mann Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Kodee Marie Mann

And which girl in the photo would you venture to guess is Kodee?  Oh come on guys.  Don’t you know me by now?  Clearly it’s the one on the right.   Turns out that Mann is the girlfriend of a recruit is going to Florida.   I would call her the new spokesperson for all of Floria recruiting.  Wouldn’t you?

The Portfolio

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