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Mar 29 2012

Jose Canseco Will Never EVER Go Away

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How the hell do we get rid of this guy? Seriously. Let’s tell him that there’s a team in Outer Mongolia that wants to sign him. He just won’t go away! Here’s his latest:

As we all know Magic Johnson’s group bought the Dodgers… Here’s the first piece of good news – Jose wants in!

@MagicJohnson congrats on buying dodgers need a 1b or pinch hitter of the bench? Will play for free. Will donate salary charity

Dude, you sound like a loser. Just let it go. Go work at a Gold’s Gym or something. It’s over bro. You’ve ruined your life, now move on. Guys who f#cked up this bad back in the day got exiled forever. Can we bring back exiling people? Good heavens.

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Mar 29 2012

The 6 Types of Marathon Runners

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It’s marathon season, and while some people have trained for the past several months, there are always those who think they can “bandit” their way to the finish line. Whether or not someone decided last minute to sign-up, or they’ve been dieting, running and jabbering about the race since they first heard about it, there are always certain types of people that you’re sure to see at each starting line.

With everyone getting ready to run more half and full marathons in the coming weeks, grab yourself some pasta, and start carbo-loading with some of these six most notorious runners.

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Mar 29 2012

Sierra Club Expresses Hatred of Coal with Bikinis

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I mean you pretty much had me at bikinis but seriously.   Not sure if you guys are aware of who The Sierra Club is but they are an organization who have been tackling the coal issue.   Essentially they are saying that it’s not safe.  That coal is really a 19th century fuel that is probably doing a little more harm to our country than good.

What’s that got to do with us?  Well, whenever we see a company who has been promoting their stance in a creative way, we take notice.   So yeah, I guess you could say that a hot girl wearing a bikini advocating the poor use of coal is something we kind of like.

If anything you know this thing is going to draw attention either way.   Well done Sierra Club.  Well done.

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Mar 29 2012

A Bunch of Lovely Ladies Pumping Gas

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In these harsh economic times people are suffering in all kinds of ways.  One of the biggest phrases you’ll here lately is “pain at the pump.”   Hell it’s almost pointless to drive considering how much it costs to fill up your tank.

But perhaps gas stations would do better by having hot girls fill up 24 hrs a day with a sign that says “use me to fill you up!”  Who knows.  I just know they gotta do something.

Anyway, here’s some hot girls at the pump…..

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Mar 29 2012

6 Examples of Crazy Motorcycle Driving on the Highway

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It’s not enough that we now have smartphone texters and callers to contend with on the road.  There’s always the off chance you’ll have to deal with some nut job like this dolt.

I get being nutty on a motorcycle in a “controlled” setting but bringing your idiotic skills to the highway doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense.  Still though, it makes for some fun entertainment.

Here are 6 crazy highway motorcycle drivers…..

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Mar 29 2012

Thursday’s Throwdown: The Best Swimsuit Pics, Shut Up Rich People, and Manning is Gunslinging

Published by under Thursday's Throwdown

Click on the photo for the best swimsuit pictures in sports

Sweaty determination, daunting focus and an affinity for sand. The essentials for dominating any beach photo shoot.  But while many women in the sports world continue to scratch and claw for that extra bit of steam in each pic, only some truly grasp the art of seduction.

The Throwdown

Six things rich people need to stop saying – [Cracked]

Looks like Manning is throwing darts to me – [Unathletic]

When you need celebrity cleavage go here – [Taxidrivemovie] (NSFW Ads)

Ten tips for taking naked cell phone pictures – [Maxim]

Jordan Carver knows hot to get us excited – [Flisted]

Phrases you’ll hear while out and what they mean – [Collegehumor]

Who is sporting this amazing yellow bikini? – [Cityrag]

The 99% speaks out in this photo – [Nedhardy]

Four things we keep doing and keep regretting – [Holytaco]

People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today – [The Chive]

The girls of Project X are so friggin hot – [COED Magazine]

Gemma Atkinson is back and in a big way – [Don Chavez]

A collection of awesome toy cars from the 80s – [Gunaxin]

This is how you know the internet never lies – [Izismile]

Bar Refaeli never ceases to amaze – [Brosome]

What do ya know, more Kate Upton! – [Moejackson]

Katie Cleary looks good in a bikini-  [Celebslam]

The most reckless people on motorcycles – [Oddee]

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Mar 28 2012

Selena Gomez Leads the P.M. Portfolio

Published by under PM Porfolio

Click on the photo for more of Selena Gomez

I can’t for the life of me understand the whole her and Bieber thing.  But at the same time I just can’t get over how attractive Selena Gomez is.   I mean can’t we just talk about that for a minute?  She’s as hot as any Maxim or Playboy girl.  And my take is that celebrities are just not that hot.  She is that hot.

The Portfolio

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Mar 28 2012

15 Really Dumb Yahoo! Answers

Published by under Pictures

Some people are complete morons. That may sound really harsh, but based on some of the questions we were able to find on Yahoo! Answers, it’s not as mean as you’d think.

Guess the old adage saying there’s no such thing as a dumb question, just dumb people who ask dumb questions really holds true on this one! May God bless their poor souls for publicizing this for all of us to see!

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Mar 28 2012

No Surprise Here! Dennis Rodman Broke, Avoiding Jail

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Dennis Rodman hasn’t rebounded from his personal and financial woes. The former NBA star, whose loud parties once riled his Newport Beach neighbors, made an appearance Tuesday at the Lamoreaux Justice Center, where he faced possible jail time for unpaid spousal and child support. However, the 50-year-old saw his sentencing moved to May 29, pending a court decision in which is his attorney, Linnea Willis, is seeking to vacate the ruling on four counts of contempt of court. Rodman owes her $808,935 in child support and $51,441 in spousal support, according to the documents her attorney, Jack Kayajanian, filed on her behalf.

This could have easily been one of those “I told you so” situations. To think that Dennis Rodman would complete his post-basketball life without any issues is like saying Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to be in the news the next few months doing drunks or getting wasted. If there was ever a sure thing in life it was Dennis Rodman running into financial and legal trouble post-retirement. I can’t wait to see how he tries to make money. Your choices – Fight Jose Canseco, do porno, go on some reality TV show. We will see…

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Mar 28 2012

4 Hangovers We All Get

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The sad reality about college is that after a night of drinking too much “apple juice,” it’s inevitable that you’re “a bit under the weather” the following morning. And by under the weather, we mean you’ll want to blow your damn brains out. There are varying degrees of the evil hangover, some not so bad, others unspeakable.

SInce it’s impossible to escape the worst feeling of your entire life, when you mix lack of sleep with heavy dehydration, a pounding headache, and a feeling where you don’t know if you should eat or just fast, here’s a few of the more notorious hangovers that we’ll bet you’ve endured during your drinking excellence.

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