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Mar 30 2012

Five Reasons Why Birthdays Get Worse Each Year

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Earlier this month I celebrated my 33rd birthday.   While I’m still not ancient I do realize that I am in fact starting to get up there.   I mean I’m officially in my mid thirties now.   Yeah, I just realized that.  Great.

Anyway, I happened to have had a lovely birthday this year but I wanted to discuss how birthdays evolve and how they tend to get worse each year.   It’s not to be negative.  It’s just to point out how amazing birthdays were when you were a kid and how much less of a big thing they are these days.

Here are five reasons why birthdays get worse each year….

Facebook and the Internet

I find the whole Facebook and other social media birthday reminders to be funny.   Since the advent of Facebook the people who send you birthday greetings run from flat out funny to creepy to the normal.   I mean do I need a birthday greeting from someone I’m not friends with at all?  No.   And do I want my friends wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook?  Probably not.  I’d rather have a call.   Birthday’s have become less personal because of the internet and that’s no fun.  Credit to Free Vector on this photo

You realize your own mortality

Every year you get older.  That’s a fact.  The last birthday of your life that you enjoy getting older is your 21st.  After that each year you wish you could take a step back.   Once you hit 30 you pretty much hate the fact you’re getting older every year.   I will be a complete wreck once I turn 40.

Present Ideas are Running Out

I mean what the hell do you need after your 21st birthday?  At this point it’s gift cards, cloths, tickets.   It’s pretty tough to shop for someone who has already had over 20 birthdays, parties, and gifts.   These days I’m just happy getting a card.

Somehow You Can’t Do What you Want

I feel like a birthday i the one day you should really get to do what you want.  For a man, the only other day in the year like that is Father’s day.  But on a birthday it’d be nice to not work, not do anything, or rather do whatever I choose.

More and More Marketing

Every year your birthday is used as an excuse from all those annoying companies you ever ran into to contact you.   Each year you get more and more birthday greetings which are simply disguised as offers.   Once in a while you’ll get a nice card that simply wishes you a happy birthday from your neighborhood Honda Dealer but most times it’s advertising.


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