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Mar 26 2012

Minor League Guy Just Doing It on Third Base During Cardinals vs. Mets Preseason Game

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I thought about this one for a while. My first reaction was I bet the guy that did this sh$t his pants laughing. I bet you he called all his friends, and they were toasting Natty Light to his achievement. My second reaction was; if I’m “Minor League Guy” I don’t really give a sh$t. I’d rather be called “Minor League Guy” or “No Chance at Making the Bigs Guy” than being 92.7% of the rest of the people in the world. This is just water off my back.

Normally, I would piss and moan about something this dumb, but I’m calm today. It’s Monday, there’s a long week ahead. I think I’m just going to enjoy this for what it is and spaz out later in the week. See you then!

P.S. “Minor League Guy” is a star prospect in the Cardinals organization.


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