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Mar 22 2012

5 Things We’ve Become Addicted to Because of the Internet

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While I certainly think that the internet has more advantages than disadvantages, there’s always going to be a negative consequence of something so large and that affects so many people.

Take Facebook for example.  People can bitch all they want about privacy settings and not liking the new features or layout.  However these are the same people that are using the site for hours on end per day.   It’s like you can’t win.  Though something tells me Facebook has kind of won.  Tee hee.

So as much as the internet is great, obviously we have to be careful about what it can do to us.  In particular I’m talking about addictions.  Here are 5 areas in which the internet has either created or enhanced some addictions we have…..

Checking Email

I don’t ever remember a time when I was obsessively checking my mailbox.  Nor do I remember a time when I sat staring at an answering machine waiting for the play button to blink.  But email?   Hell I’m guilty of have 100+ checking days.   It’s insane.  Email gives us a sense of immediate gratification and every email is almost fuel to want to check more.   It’s become problematic for many people and curbing your email checking is extremely difficult for some people.   Not to mention it can seriously get in the way of your work and personal relationships.

Facebook Updating (Social Networking)

I feel like there are some people who whenever they do ANYTHING have to announce it online.   I mean just because you’re about to get in the shower doesn’t mean you need to share a picture of yourself in a towel on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Yet millions of people do this.  The publication of privacy is unfortunately here to stay.  Not only that, it’s become an obsession for the masses.


Don’t get me wrong.  Porn addiction existed long before the internet was around.  However, you can’t deny that this addiction has increased ten fold (probably 1000s of folds) because of the internet.   Children can easily access porn.  And jeez, I have no idea how many sites there are but I’d be willing to bet it’s close to 100 million by now.   The simple access to porn lead to inevitable rise in porn addiction.

Multiplayer Video Games

World of Warcraft anyone?  There are people out there that have killed themselves, yes killed themselves over this game.  There are also people that have died because of playing the game for too long.  We’re talking 48 hour binges with no sleep.   It’s insane.   Being able to play these games against others from around the world may seem like fun but it’s also dangerously addictive.


Gambling, like porn, is an addiction that existed long before the internet.  However, like porn, it’s been made so accessible that addictions can only be strengthened by the internet’s pull.


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