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Mar 21 2012

Six Things Men Love That Women Just Don’t Understand

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The folks at Guyism wrote a great piece about things that women love that men will just never get.   Things like shopping or following the lives of celebrities.  And granted these are big time generalizations so you’ll just have to bare with me and accept them for now.

We know that not all men and not all women like this but overall it’s reasonable to assume.   I decided to flip the coin a bit here and focus on things that men seem to love that women will never get.

There are six I’d like to point out….

NFL Sunday

Let me put it to you this way.  I don’t know any women who truly like to watch the sport of football.  And if I have met a woman who claims she likes it I’m always 100% convinced that she’s lying and doesn’t really like it unless she’s an utter tomboy and isn’t really 100% woman.   I don’t care how sexist that sounds.   It’s what I believe.  Sarah Spain, you’re not fooling anyone.

The Lives of Athletes

Just like women enjoy following celebrity lives (which we as guys don’t get), men for whatever reason like to follow the lives of 20 something year old men who play sports.    Neither sex will ever be able to understand each position.  They’re both a little creepy.  I have to admit.


If women like porn then obviously that’s a huge benefit.  But I haven’t met a woman that likes gross porn.   Most women enjoy a good Cinemax late night flick.   But full out insertion, gang bangs, you name it?  Nope.  And they don’t get why we like it.  Hell I don’t get it but I certainly don’t fight it.

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