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Mar 20 2012

Why a Pocket Tee and Jeans Is All A Guy Needs

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Look, we get it, you want to look your best for the ladies every time you go out. There’s just one problem bro; that Affliction shirt with the heavy design on back isn’t getting you looks.

We don’t claim to be fashion buffs, or take credit for always looking like damn Ralph Lauren, but we know that depending on the bar or club you’re going to, you have to dress appropriately. Mix it up, fit the part, and don’t stand out in a negative way.

It’s all about being comfortable, looking clean, and giving chicks the impression you know a little bit about what you’re doing.

Since there’s nothing easier to wear than a simple t-shirt and jeans – well, besides a bathing suit if you want to be a dick – we put together a list of why your wardrobe should consist of exactly that. If you’ve got any sense of style, you’ll know it shouldn’t be all the time, and each body type is different, so choose your fit correctly, but at the end of the day, you should find yourself rocking the hell out of some pocket tees majority of the time.

1. It’s The Most Comfortable Thing You’ll Wear

Who wants to deal with going through their closest to find “that perfect fitting shirt?” We’re not anything close to what chicks go through, but we admit to changing outfits 1-2 times before going out. With a pocket tee though, all you’ve got to do is throw it on, give yourself a quick look in the mirror, and hit the town!

2. You Can Layer it With Almost Every Piece of Clothing You Own

We actually wore one all day yesterday when it was mid-70′s all day, but when the sun dropped, we threw on a vintage button-down, and was even to shack with a girl in the khaki shorts we wore all day. If we can do it, trust us, you can do it. A pocket tee is the perfect accent to a ton of different looks because it gives the impression that you don’t really care, but you still look like you do.

3. Sleep in it, Wear it the Next Day

We know finding an outfit to wear isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do each morning. Might we suggest wearing your favorite pocket tee to bed, roll out of bed and brush your teeth, all while catching a couple extra Z’s to save time by wearing it that day. Sounds like a good plan to us!

4. Wear as an Undershirt

As long as you don’t sweat like you’re running 10 miles, match it up to wear as your undershirt, and when your boy calls to tell you he wants to meet for a Happy Hour, rather than showing up completely overdressed, unbutton your Oxford, lose the tie, and keep the pocket to still be able to pull off a solid look.

5. They’re Cheap

We love lounging around in our shirts all the time. Whether on the couch with a massive hangover to watch sports all day, or after a shower following a good workout, there’s no better definition of a “throw-away shirt” than a pocket tee. If you spill a little oil on it when fixing the mower, or get it stuck on a nail, you can replace it if you really want to. But what we’ve found to be the best thing about a pocket tee? If you have a girl shack, it’s the ideal shirt for her to ride home in when doing the walk of shame…

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