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Mar 20 2012

Eight Excellent Songs To Lift Weights To

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It’s been scientifically proven that certain types of music can elicit a physiological response in human beings.   In short that means some music can pump up your endorphins and response centers so that you actually have a physical change in the body.

Usually that means “pumping you up.”   Your emotions run so high that you have new found energy and feel like you can do more and better.  Hence why aerobics classes always play crazy dance music and hence why music is always on in your gym.

For me? I always find certain music can get an extra rep or two out of me while lifting.  Here are eight songs that do so….

Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

Vision Quest is 100% one of my favorite movies and this is by far my favorite song from that movie.  If you don’t want to lift after hearing this, something is wrong with you.

New Noise by Refused

When I first saw Friday Night Lights this is definitely what I most took from this movie.  What a kick ass song.

The Entire Rocky IV Soundtrack

Can you at all argue against me here?  I don’t think it’s possible.

Who’s the Man by House of Pain

Normally I’m not a rap fan when it comes to working out but Everlast’s voice in this album is so tough you have no choice but to want to kick some ass.

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  • Rocknik

    A few more, in no real order..

    1. Europe – The Final Countdown
    2. Joe Esposito – You’re The Best Around (seriously how’d you not have this one?)
    3. Alphaville – Big In Japan
    4. Kenny Loggins – Meet Me Half Way

    These just came to mind when reading this post.. oh and Vision Quest rocks.. I guess Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins deserves an honorable mention

  • http://windturbinescost.info Wind Turbines

    1. Ain´t Nobody – Chaka Khan

    2. Mama Said Knock You Out – L.L. Cool J

    3. Death Blow – Kool Moe Dee



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