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Mar 19 2012

The Best Things About the NCAA Tourney Opening Rounds

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So we made it to the Sweet 16, how’s your bracket look? Eh, ours is screwed, but what’s new? Anyway, after watching games all weekend, we made some interesting observations about why we love the tournament so much – you know, besides just the killer upsets.

We all know getting a nerve-wrenching game like the one we saw between UNC-Asheville and Syracuse is what makes those first couple rounds amazing; but besides the obvious, we went a little deeper and added other things to the list.

With a couple more great weekends to go till we see college hoops’ best in the Final Four, we’ll slowly but surely have some of these things fade away until next year’s bracket’s announced. No worry though, it’s like clockwork, as they’re inescapable every tournament.

1. Lower-Seeded Coaches Outfits

You probably know the title of the song following the National Title Game is “One Shining Moment,” but some of these coaches of seeds anywhere between 12 and 16 take that a little too close to the heart; as they think it’s their time to shine. While watching the Murray State/Colorado State game, the product on the court was college-worthy, but looking at both sidelines and seeing what the coaches were wearing, it was like we were back in high school, and checkered shirts with khakis were back in style. We get it, you can’t afford the suits Coach Cal dons, but come on man, at least put a little effort into your garb.

2. Cheering for your Rivals

We’re big-time Kentucky guys, but while watching Louisville play the other day, we actually found ourselves yelling at the TV to get it going. Were we insane? Did we cross the picket line? Nope, it’s all because care more about winning some money in our office pool than watching our bitter rivals lose to some unknown school. Sure, bragging rights are cool and all, but we’d rather talk crap about them once they lose in the round of 16… just as we predicted them to!

3. Not Working

It’s the elephant in the room, yet everyone still talks about it. The opening games on Thursday and Friday of the Tourney are two of the most unproductive days of work in the entire year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Marketing Director who “happens to have a lot of calls that day,” or a Doctor who, “Isn’t planning on taking many appointments this afternoon,” everyone gets caught up in the madness. People joke they should just make it a National Holiday already and save everyone the time? But honestly, where’d the fun be in that? We’d rather just coast through a couple days at work.

4. The Unknowns

Unless your name’s Joe Lunardi, there’s no way in hell you see every game or know a player from every team in the tourney. For those small-time programs, it’s a time for their guys to shine. Even if it’s for one half against a high seed, only to get blown out of the water in the second half, it’s great to see the fans get behind the little guys, and really gets you a little choked-up when you see a Senior leave for the last time, knowing he’ll be a working stiff just like everyone else in about three months.

5. The Commercials

Just like the Super Bowl, advertisers know there’s millions of eyes on every single game of the tournament, so they’re obviously taking advantage of it. You find yourself Shazamming every song a commercial uses, and laughing at the cleverly written commercials. That is, until you don’t the following weekend. Like all things, there’s only limited air-time, and once the Final Four weekend rolls around, that song you Shazammed on your phone, yeah, it’s already been downloaded and deleted in your iTunes library.

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