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Mar 19 2012

Six Awesome First Dances At Weddings

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Though I can never say I’d have the guts to do one of those crazy first wedding dances, I will admit that I think when done correctly they are pretty awesome.  And when I say “done correctly” I mean that the couple (and whoever else is involved) puts in the real effort to make it worthwhile for all to see.

It’s one thing to just dance funny.  It’s another to involve choreography, a great dance mix, and full out “dance like no one’s watching” mode.  And I think you’ll find that these six videos definitely all bring something to the table….

A Very Solid Dance Crew

You see, you gotta appreciate the choreography here.  If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Dirty Dancing in the UK

I’ll admit it.  I like it.  And I’m sure it’s been done well over 1000 times.  Still though, it kind of makes you gushy.

This is Incredibly Weird

I don’t know who the hell these people are but I’m guessing they’re really into video games.   I get the whole Chariots of Fire thing but slow motion?  What?  Weird.

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