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Mar 16 2012

7 Internal Questions Men Have That Women Don’t

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Just the other day I read a pretty funny piece from the fellas at Guyism about internal questions women have that men don’t.   One of the examples I liked was “do I look slutty in this outfit?”   I’m quite certain men don’t get these feelings.  And that’s the point.   The questions really seem to pertain to one sex.

So I decided to go the other route.  And while there are easily hundreds of these, I managed to settle on seven questions that men say to themselves that women more than likely don’t…..

Could I beat this guy up?

Every guy in the universe always sizes himself up against everyone in the room.  It’s just our nature.   And for some reason we always want to know whether or not we could take them in a fight.

Could I pull off a fart right now?

At least once a day we’re in a situation where we need to fart in public and we weigh our options on whether or not to pull the trigger.   Women will always hold it in.

How easy could I pull off a robbery or murder in here?

Put it this way.  Crime.   Crime is one of those funny things we always think about.  From something as small as shoplifting to murdering a bank teller.   It just pops into our heads.

Would I have a chance at banging that chick?

Sex is obviously always on the brain so it’s natural for us to look at a very hot woman and assess whether or not we’d have a chance to sleep with her.

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