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Mar 15 2012

Five Hair Phases Every Guy Has Gone Through

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At the time of this writing my hair is just about as long as it’s ever been.  In fact it’s even as long as it was when I was in my gawky adolescent phase trying to look like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

Oddly enough I’m not trying to look like Judd these days but I think I’ve merely moved on from the typical short hair fraternity cut I sported since Freshman year of college.  And speaking of hair, I think all of us have been through plenty of hair phases in our lives.

Let me show you what I’m talking about with these five hair phases all guys have gone through….

A Grooming Phase

I used the general word “grooming” because I think this should cover all body part aside from the face.  So whether it’s trimming the twig and berries or giving that ape haired back of yours a waxing, I think most men have experimented with this at some point or another.  I for one still groom the groin and chest region.   At this point I think it’s socially acceptable.  I mean come on.  I’m still a dude.  Nothing wrong with being a neat dude.

Growing Long Hair

Unless you’ve gone bald at a pretty young age, chances are at some point you’ve sported some pretty long hair.  It’s usually at a younger age and you rarely see guys in their 40s and older with long hair, but most guys have had the long manes at some point in their lives.   I for one have long hair now though I still can’t figure out why.

A Hairless Phase

There’s a grooming phase but there’s also a hairless phase every singe guy has been guilty off.   Why just trim when you can take it all off?  And no I’m not talking about your head.  We’ve all been there.   We want our packages to look bigger so we trim it all off.  We want our abs (or what we thought were abs) to show more in the lighting.   Whatever it is, we’ve all shaven the hair right off and I for one will never do it again.

Longer Sideburns

Why oh Why did we all follow Luke Perry back in the Beverly Hills 90210 days?  Well those of us who are old enough to remember these days.  And why oh why do men still sport the longer sideburns.    I don’t know what it is but all of us are compelled to try them out at some point or another in our lives.

Any Kind of Facial Hair Phase

I’m pretty sure as long as you can actually grow facial hair you’re gonna do something weird with it.  And you’ll probably do it more than once.  I think just knowing you can grow hair makes you feel like you should.  Which is clearly not the case with all of us but we do it anyway.

*Baldness doesn’t count but clearly hiding baldness and everything associated with baldness bring about new phases we hate to even admit are going on.

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