. How To Get Out of Having to See Your In-Laws | - Part 2

Mar 14 2012

6 Ways To Get Out of Seeing Your In-Laws

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Flat Out Being a Man

I doubt many men or women have the courage to go this route but on occasion you can just tell the truth and accept the consequences.  “I’m not going because I don’t feel like going.”   I mean 9 times out of 10 you’re in hot water with that one but you never know.

Get Your Wife Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the best excuses in the history of man.   It gets you out of having to go to more things than you could possibly imagine.   “My wife isn’t feeling well.”   This doesn’t just apply to in-laws.  This gets you out of almost anything.

Exposing an Internal Rift even More

There’s always a bad seed in your in-laws that your spouse doesn’t get along with.   You must start exposing that rift early.  Plant seeds during the week so that something blows up and they fight.   Then your spouse won’t want to see said person hopefully getting you out of an unwanted visit.


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