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Mar 14 2012

6 Ways To Get Out of Seeing Your In-Laws

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Whether you’re a male or a female and you’re married, the visit to the in-laws is usually something we don’t like to do.   In that rare family we do see have the folks who just mesh well and love each other, but on the whole I think most men or women would rather just watch television all day.

And it’s not because you don’t like or even love your in-laws.  It’s that you usually like your own family more or you’d rather not deal with the one inevitable crazy person on your spouse’s side of the family.

I tell ya, that one person can really ruin things.   So if you insist on not making the trip over there one day, here are six good ways to get out of the visit to the in-laws….

Pretending to Be Sick or Not Feel Well

This is the most obvious choice and one that you can’t really use that often.  I would say that you should really use this one in an emergency or on a day where you’re simply not feeling the in-laws.   It’s kind of like your get out of jail free card.   Use it sparingly and use it wisely.

Claiming Pre-Existing Plans or Making Plans Very Far in Advance

This is one that you have to plan accordingly.  You don’t want to get caught in a lie here.   This is one of those where you sort of have to make “flexible” plans that can be broken but that also can be kept.  You must also have a tight fix on when you are visiting in-laws so that you can make these “all important” plans in advance.   Weekend trips are good ones.   Or really important reunion type things.   Who knows?  Just make plans.

Using the Tit for Tat Method

This is a childish method but it definitely works.   “Last week I took out the garbage every single day so you owe me.”   I think you get the picture.   Leading up to the visit of the in-laws make sure you really kick ass with your spouse and go out of your way so that you can have a “free day” to yourself.

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