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Mar 14 2012

5 Movie Characters Worth Idolizing

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Every once in awhile, there are movie characters that stick with us. Whether it be because of the role they played, or we vicariously want to live through them, we pretty much develop a quiet (sometimes loud) crush the second we lay eyes on them.

It can be the fact that they take on an entire army of jocks to win the super hot girl, is the coolest chick on the block, or just happens to be mega-cool that you want to try and emulate his or her every move.

Since we all can’t maintain whatever these characters have, we can at least try to duplicate them… and here are a couple we’d suggest studying up on if you want to seem like you’re cooler than you probably really are.

Kristen Wiig – Bridesmaids

What girl, hell person, saw this movie and didn’t fall in love with Wiig? She was super hilarious, acting her ass off, while showing that she’s definitely the funniest female actress out there. Between the way too real awkwardness at the engagment party to the scene on the airplane, she’s a chick every girl should model themselves after.

Matthew McConaughey – The Lincoln Lawyer

For any guy out there considering Law school, just take notes from this flick on how to do it right. Not only did McConaughey work that personal driver, but by pulling some underground stuff to get the facts, he pretty much showed why he’s a big badass. We’re pretty sure we’ve been jealous of another one of his roles before.

Patrick Swayze – Point Break

It’s not a secret we love us some Bodhi, and we’re going out on a limb and thinking most of you may not have even heard of Point Break. But if you had to pick a classic bro flick, this would be it. Of all those Cali dudes, Swayze as Bodhi is the biggest. He surfs, he robs banks, and he’s the man everyone listens to… just a man on the search for the perfect wave. What a good life it must be.

Emma Stone – Easy A

She caters to all the dorks out there who have yet to use it, before losing it. But on top of that, she’s just hip – there’s really no other way of saying it. It’s not rare to see Stone play that rad chick in a flick, but when she openly takes the fall for being a skank, that’s legit. We’re not sure what girls haven’t admitted more than a small crush on her… and who can blame them?

Anyone – The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down

Umm, go watch this movie… Like right this minute. You may think you know how to party and stay up til 5am on a binger, but until you hear these guidelines, you’ll be nothing more than a role player in a game of future Hall of Famers. We’ll put it this way – the movie’s about booze, sex, and drugs – and even has a cameo from Mr. Belding! Have you hit “Play” yet?

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