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Mar 13 2012

Seven Really Weird Types of Marriages

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One of the biggest political issues this country has been facing over the past decade is same sex marriages.   I’m not here to get into a debate.  Personally I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business if two people who love each other decide to get married.   I understand it’s a bit more complicated than that but should it be?

Anyway, considering how big an issue it is I think it’s funny that people fail to examine all the other types of marriages we see out there.   And you’d be surprised what kind of stuff actually goes on.

Check out these seven really weird types of marriages…

Definitions provided by Wikipedia

Beena Marriage

A marriage where the husband and wife are completely independent of one another, whenever the wife enters a special tent.  This independence is considered to be a form of matriarchy.

Female Husband Marriage

A marriage in which a female who has been raised as male takes a wife in order to ensure the continuity of the family.  That just seems odd because she’s not a male.   Not sure how that really works.

Ghost Marriage

The marriage of a woman to a man who died before he could marry using the man’s brother as a stand-in.  So these marriages are allowed but we can’t allow same sex people to marry?

Levirate Marriage

A marriage in which a woman marries one of her husband’s brothers after her husband’s death, if there were no children, in order to continue his line.  What if said brother is already married?

Shim Pua Marriage

A Taiwanese tradition of arranged marriage, in which a poor family (burdened by too many children) would sell a young daughter to a richer family for labour, and in exchange, the poorer family would be married into the richer family, through the daughter.

Sister Exchange

The husbands trade sisters to be each other’s wives in order to keep any group from losing a woman.

Walking Marriage

A practice of a matrifocal group in which the woman accepts her lover each evening, but he departs in the morning to work in his mother’s household.

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