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Mar 12 2012

4 Karaoke Songs to Avoid Tonight (And Any Other Night)

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We all love karaoke, but there’s a reason you aren’t Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber – because you suck at singing. But just because you can’t quite hit that high note, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pound some pitchers and head out with friends on a Friday night.

It’s okay when you choose a song everyone knows – they can help you out when you need a breather. But if you’re out to prove that someone’s love is on top, than you’re just being lame. You can’t even come close to hitting those notes! Everyone just takes a bathroom break when you sing, or are a ton more interested in the next song they’ll sing. Sorry, it’s just the truth.

The key to karaoke is balance – have fun, choose the right song, rev up the crowd, and don’t be too sloppy. Since we can only go so far to help, here are four songs to absolutely avoid – otherwise you’ll end up looking a ton worse than you already do.

“Torn” - Natalie Imbruglia

We get it, it was a popular song back in its day, (and Natalie Imbruglia is really hot), but you choosing to sing it only brings back memories of that middle school boyfriend who snuck you his Mom’s high school class ring (happened). Not only does everyone think you’re being way too serious about the “talent” you have, but no one remembers the damn words besides, “Nothing’s right I’m torn…” and something about laying on the floor naked.

“Hey Jude” – The Beatles

You want honesty? This is honestly one of our favorite songs ever. Why? We really have no damn idea… But regardless of our bias towards it, it’s way too long to be a sing-a-long. In fact, if the DJ that’s running karaoke even has it in his/her book, we’d grab a permanent black marker and black it right out. You’ll be doing everyone a favor by not even giving someone the option.

“Love Is A Battlefield” – Pat Benatar

There’s nothing worse than seeing the words, “Lyrical Break: 32 Bars,” when doing karaoke. Unfortunately, Benatar’s song has more than its fair share, and it’s right when everyone should be getting into the song. A drunk person gets way too distracted during a lyrical break, so if one comes up, they might as well just drop the mic, cause there’s no way to recover.

“U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

This might be the worst song to ever attempt singing. Why? Easy. It goes way too fast for anyone to keep up with, and no one knows the words to it anyway. Add in the fact that there’s a ton of “Lyrical Breaks,” and is intended to be a dance song, well, you’ve just got a damn disaster on your hands. This goes for any LMFAO song too… but if you’re even attempting that, you’ve clearly never done karaoke before!

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