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Mar 09 2012

A Tribute to Food Servers Everywhere

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Whether it’s the 24-hour tired waitress at Denny’s, the line cook, the fun register girl hooking you up with free stuff at McDonald’s, or the snazzy waiter at a fine dining establishment, food service providers rarely get the credit they deserve for providing satisfaction for your late-night munchies or your holiday celebration. Here’s an insight on what it’s like on the side of the table.

A small portion of food servers know their job sucks, and they’re typically just as hungover as you are. But for the majority of waiters and waitresses, there’s a part of them that genuinely enjoy what they do, and are there to make some money. So raise your glasses to the food service industry workers who are there to provide for you – and remember to always over tip… especially if they’re cute and flirting!

Unless It’s Burger King…You’ll Have It Their Way

Seriously. If you’re ordering at a crazy-packed establishment, when you can clearly see that your server is doing their very best, try to keep it simple. Not over the top substitutions on meals, extra this, extra that. Oh, and that “no veggies, forget the mayo” thing, don’t even try. And seriously, it’s a server’s absolute favorite thing when five different people at the same table ask for one different thing each time a server comes back for a trip. Please save your waiter/waitress ten million trips by politely asking for what you need at the same time.

We’re The Last Time of Defense

If you’ve seen the movie Road Trip, you know exactly what we’re talking about. All it takes is one snotty little comment that sets them off, and they march right back to those cooks and let them know what’s up. You want to think that people are better than that, but honestly, if you live in a town named Bucksnort, Tennessee (no offense), do you really think the servers have anything better to do than to get back at someone treating them like complete crap? Probably not – and we really don’t want to find out!

The Server Doesn’t Mess Up Your Order, The Kitchen Does

Oh, your steak isn’t cooked as much as you like it? Sorry about that, but before you raise hell and leave a two dollar tip, remember that while we may be great at multitasking, we’re not in charge of cooking your food. The server’s there to only hope salvage part of our tip because of a kitchen’s mistake. Think of them as the vehicle from kitchen to food, so don’t treat them like crap, bro!

Servers Rarely Have Weekends Off

Go ahead and stroll in at 9:50 when the restaurant clearly closes at 10pm. No, really, we’re sure the staff really doesn’t mind dirtying everything up that they’ve just spent the last 45 minutes cleaning. And of course, you’ll probably raise hell because your food’s taking a little longer than expected, since half the kitchen staff go sent home. Oh, dessert for you too? Yeah no problem. Just go ahead and hang out as long as you want, because there’s honestly nothing they have better to do… except go out and booze their asses off!

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