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Mar 07 2012

Some of the Worst Failed Wedding Proposals

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I’ll never forget the day I proposed to my wife.   I’ll also never forget asking permission from her father to do the deed.   And while I planned that day to a tee;  probably so much so that the woman knew I was going to pop the question, I’m pretty sure that at no point did I think she was going to say no.

And if she had, I can tell  I’d have been awfully stunned.   And it’s that tiny chance of being stunned that should prevent any guy from moronically proposing in a public place and being embarrassed.

I mean either know the girl is going to say yes or don’t bother guys.   Here are five examples of guys who really should have known better.

UCLA Failed Proposal

You know how some of these things are hoaxes when set up at an athletic stadium?  We’re 99% sure this one is no hoax.  It’s just incredibly awful.  Part of me feels bad for the guy and the other part is like “totally deserved it.”

The Food Court Proposal Gone Bad

WOW.   Another one.   I just don’t know what to say to these things.  As a man who knelt down and knew he was going to get a yes I can possibly imagine this scenario in real life.

Another Rejected at a Basketball Game

This one was three years ago.  If you are going to propose, you better make sure it’s going to happen before embarrassing both parties involved.  Especially when you’re at mid court.   I feel this one was a fake.

Why is it Always Basketball Games?

Well I guess it’s fitting that it was at a Wizards game.

This is Just Too Awkward

Dead silence and a couple of “awwws.”  I mean I think by now you’re getting the point.   If you’re going to propose you better be damned sure the girl is going to say yes.   I mean how the hell can you not know this?  Wow.

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  • Kevin

    this is the kind of thing that leaves me with ZERO sympathy for the idiot in question. You take the poor woman, put her on the spot in front of a lot of people and ask the biggest question of her life. If she’s not sure yet, if she thinks she’s to young to be married, if she wants to talk to you about it before answering you’ve just forced her into a “say yes or look like the world’s biggest B in front of all of these people). I got engaged a few months ago now and when I asked I picked a spot in a public area but made sure their wasn’t a lot of people around at the time (a group of about 4 walked by while I was speaking), I had discussed it with her before so it wasn’t a complete shock, and I picked somewhere meaningful to us both. Keep it simple, don’t embaras her and give it meaning to both of you those are the three biggest tricks to getting a proposal right in my opinion.



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