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Mar 06 2012

Kid Houses 37 BuckyBalls Magnets

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Payton Bushnell, a 3-year old toddler from Portland, Oregon, is in full recovery after undergoing emergency surgery to remove 37 Rare Earth Buckyballs magnets from her intestines. The toddler’s parents thought Payton Bushnell had the flu when she wasn’t feeling well, but after her symptoms didn’t get better, they took her to the doctor. Doctors took an X-ray of her stomach when they saw a circle. Payton’s mother, Kelli Bushnell said, “They saw a circle had formed in her stomach, and they thought she swallowed a bracelet.”

This is off the chain in so many ways – A) the magnets hooked up to each other in her stomach to form like a bracelet. That’s INSANE. – B) the parents thought the kid had the flu.. Flu or swallowing buckyballs magnets – same thing. At least the kid is ok.

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