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Mar 06 2012

Best Places to Publicly Hook Up

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It’s no secret people like to have sex. When you’re out on the town, and are mixing attractive boozer’s together, the hormones run a million miles per hour.

Since banging in a bed is so 1920′s – and we’ve all dreamt of doing the dirty on the Professor’s desk – here are five terrific places to make it a point of getting wet and wild at.

Remember, as fun as “makin’ it red” can be, be sure to be a little bit more discrete about your newfound love of public sex. You wouldn’t want anything preventing you from doing it again next weekend – like getting arrested!

Dorm Shower

This may be what some call “unsanitary,” or “overrated,” but trust us, we’ve lived it, and it’s legit cool. If you’re a dude, there’s nothing better than stamping your badassery amongst floormates than having them try and sneak a peak. If a chick, we understand it may not be the best for your rep, but you have to admit it’s a pretty good way to show you’re down for anything!

Roommates Bed

Okay, so maybe we weren’t the best roomy in our four years, but it’s not our fault that all he ever wanted to do was go home and see his girlfriend! There’s something a little exhilarating about getting raunchy somewhere other than your bed. A place where you can make it as gross as possible, and just have to apologize for having someone “sleeping in their bed” while they were away. The key here is to make sure you don’t lie about it, and most of the time he’ll understand.

Public Pool

Much like a shower, the pool gives you an experience like none other - especially if there actually is a Lifeguard on duty. If you and your mate do it right, hopefully you’ll need an extra hand to keep from drowning. We tend to try and sneak in a quick-hitter during the adult swim portion of the day, when all the kiddies are grabbing their snack. But you can’t go wrong with a night swimming session just to say you’ve done it. Either way, get the lotion ready… and we’re not talking about using it for sun-tanning.

A Bar

An absolute no-brainer, this is especially true if you either a) got kicked-out, were successful at sneaking back in, and while avoiding the bouncers, grabbed yourself a hottie, or b) are able to score yourself somewhere other than the bathroom to do it in – like, say on the dance floor? Sex in a public bathroom’s cool, but we’re not sure standing on a piss soaked floor is the most romantic of places, so we’d try to avoid it if you can.


It’s no secret those long nights of cramming wear you out. When you’re surrounded by studying – err, socializing – you’ll be able to show you have more than just a desire to succeed in the classroom, you’ll be able to help that bangin’ chick you’ve been eyeing all semester really stuff their brain in a private study room… and maybe something else.

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