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Mar 05 2012

Secret Hurdles that Men Want Their Women to Clear

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Just the other day I read a great piece by our friends at Guyism which focused on some things that women want men to do for them on a permanent basis.   It covered subjects like women desiring for men to meet their families or moving in together.   Even stuff like getting engaged.  Essentially things that most men fear but women would like men to do anyway to show how much they care.

I decided to turn the tables a bit and focus on some hurdles that women could overcome for us men in our relationships.   Stuff that would make us happy and our lives a bit easier.

I came up with seven after the jump….

We Never Have to Shop with You

Let’s face it.   A man’s brain is not wired the same as a female’s.   Fact is, the majority of us can’t stand shopping so why you’d insist we come with you usually becomes an argument or a feudal effort.   So how about we just eliminate it from the equation entirely?  It doesn’t mean that we as men can’t shop.  It just means we should never have to go with our women.

Sunday Football is a Holy Day

In essence what I’m really saying is that we need a day, at least one day a week to be men.  To relax, do nothing, and be nothing.  It’s a privilege of being an adult.   Ladies, you can have one too.  It’s totally fair.  But just give us this one day.

Anal Sex

Relationships are all about sacrifice and ladies, you’re gonna have to give up your butts once in a while.   It’s just the way it’s gotta be.

Strip Clubs Are Totally Allowed

We’re not saying you can’t be pissed.   We’re not saying that you can’t question our going to strip clubs in your head.   All we ask is that you remain silent, ask no questions, and act as if it’s completely fine that we go even though we know you think it’s not.

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