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Mar 02 2012

Why You Should Be Happy About Spring Training

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When we think of springtime, we think of warm weather, chicks in bikinis on Spring Break, and the great American pastime – baseball. With Spring Training opening a couple weeks ago, and full games starting next week, it’s time to get you in the same spirit by giving you some reasons why you should be happy about baseball being back.

Football usually catches the eye of everyone no matter what time of year, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing much better than grabbing some brews and sitting at a baseball game in mid-May. We can’t wait for all the Thirsty Thursday’s to begin at stadiums across the country – so Play Ball boys!

No One Knows What to Expect

Remember last year how the Cardinals overcame injuries and inconsistency to win the whole damn thing? Or how the Red Sox drank away their chances, while the Braves straight-up sucked D to go to the postseason? That’s the beauty of sports, but in-particularly baseball, no matter what your payroll is, if you can stay in the hunt long enough, you can make a real run at capturing a World Series.

Free Agency

As with every sport in any year, there’s players that break long-tenured relationships with teams, cities and fans to play elsewhere – Can we all say LeBron? But as we mentioned above, just because the Angels dropped $200 million plus to land the best player on the planet, doesn’t guarantee them anything besides higher expectations and hopefully no bounced checks. Add in the fact that Prince Fielder moved to Detroit to join forces with Cy Young Winner Justin Verlander – who also happens to be the reigning AL MVP as a pitcher – there’s a lot of things to pay attention to.

First Pitch Babes

Okay, so this might be a little bit of a stretch, but in all honesty, it’s true. Thanks to big-time summer box-office releases, celebs make the rounds at ballparks all over the place. If you just so happen to be lucky enough to get there early, you may have a chance to be within 500 feet of Marisa Miller – assuming she doesn’t somehow already have a restraining order against your ass!

There’s Honestly Nothing Else Going On

Admit it, you need baseball. We don’t care if you’re a real fan or not, but if you enjoy sports, there’s no denying it. With college basketball over by the time the regular season starts in April, what other sports are you paying attention to? The lag time between Opening Day and the NBA Finals – which is the only relevant sporting event in-between football starting – is brutal. Unless you want to watch reruns of old TV shows or start planning for your NFL Fantasy Draft five months prior, you’ll be thankful to hear the crack of a bat.

Ice Cream Baseball Helmets

Ice cream with colored sprinkles is good as hell. If nothing else, we’ll pay the $7 it costs to score one of these collectable helmets just to have something to remember the game by. Extra benefit, it’s great to chug beer out of!

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