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Mar 01 2012

Things to Avoid Doing While Volunteering

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It’s always a good deed when someone devotes some of their precious time towards helping others. Whether it’s only for a couple hours to help with a car wash, or an entire week as a summer camp as a counselor, it definitely feels good to know you’ve done your part – assuming you actually did do your part!

As with work, there’s certain bylaws and responsibilities that come along with showing-up somewhere to try and get some work done. If you were asked by a friend or relative, it can make for a real awkward moment when you come strolling up with the same thing you wore out the night prior. Either way, you can take pride for at least getting there – albeit a little late.

For those who aren’t quite ready to jump into the world of volunteering or non-profit organizations quite yet, here are a couple things to avoid when your heart seems to be in the right place a little bit before your head actually is.

Being Hungover/Drunk

As we mentioned above, as with work, everyone unfortunately has to follow some rules; and this always seems like the biggest one. It’s completely fine to grab a few brews the night before your ass has to be on a soccer field by 8am to teach kids how to kick a ball, but anything more than a shot or two, and we bet you’ll be fielding questions on why you’ve been rocking shades and sippin’ Vitamin Water all day.


We’re of the mindset that if you’re volunteering, you’d probably never get yourself in this position, but you’d be surprised what crazy people think is acceptable. Remember, you’re there to lend a helping hand, not play the role of Dictator who orders people what to do and where to be. If you regret offering to come – and want to be remembered for being a complete tool – than you can get go ahead and argue with anyone who will listen.

Being Lazy

Look, you’ve already sacrificed last night and sleeping in this morning to be here, so you might as well make the most out of it. There’s nothing worse than committing yourself to a six-hour shift, then finding yourself sitting around playing on your phone. We’re guessing the majority of the people there feel the same way as you do, so try finding the hottest chick and putting some work in!

Eating/Drinking What You’re Supposed To Be Giving Out

If you’re at a marathon and passing out Gatorade, the last thing you should do is get caught drinking one by the runners who are passing by. We’re pretty sure they need it a little more than you do. Oh, and if you’re at a food bank, just because you haven’t gone shopping the past couple weeks, doesn’t mean it’s fair game to stash your cabinet.

Not Coming at All

Okay, we get it, you went out a little too hard last night and feel like your absence won’t be missed. You convince yourself that there were plenty of people who registered to help, so what’s one person not being there? Well we’re guessing if you’re the type of person who’s going to roll back over and sleep, you were probably being pressured to go in the first place, so if you want to keep getting dome from your girlfriend, or avoid a scolding from your parents, we’d get your ass out of that bed.

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