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Mar 31 2012

Photo of the Week: Of All The Choices

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I wish I could say this was a photoshop, but it’s not.   I mean seriously dude.   This is what you’re spending money on?  I’m guessing if Christopher Walken saw this that even he’d be a little freaked out.   Come on man.

See you guys Monday.

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Mar 30 2012

Candice Swanepoel Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Swanepoel as a brunette

No matter what Candice Swanepoel does she’s going to look amazing.  I don’t care if she’s bald and runs through a river of mud for 24 hours.  She’s awesome regardless.   Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that.  Have a nice day.

The Portfolio

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Mar 30 2012

12 Custom Lawn Mowers

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As the weather gets warmer, and the plants begin to bloom, the one chore we always get assigned doing is cutting the grass. It sucks a little bit considering our lawn is almost an acre big, and we use one of the old school push mowers.

Since we can’t convince our wife to get a new one in order to help us out, we have to deal. Bottom line, if we had any one of these mowers, we’d be able to get it done in half the time, while looking like a complete badass.

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Mar 30 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Nadine Wolfbeiszer is Straight Sexy

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When you’re a hot Austrian chick, like Nadine Wolfbeiszer is, we assume that you have things pretty much made for you. Not only are you in the middle of Europe, situated by a ton of different countries to visit, but when you look as good as Nadine does, you probably have dudes throwing plane tickets your way for weekend extravaganzas at a pin’s drop.

It’s probably really difficult to fill so many requests, but it’s her own fault for looking so darn good in a bathing suit!

See more Nadine Wolfbeiszer after the jump…

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Mar 30 2012

Jeremy Lin Turns Down Invite to Speak at High School Graduation

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Knicks star Jeremy Lin won’t be at Stuyvesant High School’s graduation — but he may still visit his fans there. Lin tweeted his thanks Thursday to the prestigious school’s students for their video begging him to speak at commencement.

“Stuyvesant High! Awesome video…so honored to have been invited,” Lin wrote on Twitter.

Students at the prestigious Manhattan high school begged their “Linspiration” to visit their commencement in an enthusiastic YouTube video that has had nearly 32,000 views.

Click this link to view the video

I think this is all good minus the fact they picked an Asian student to do most of their bidding. Was that necessary? Secondly, Stuyvesant High School has a handball team? That’s pretty sweet.

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Mar 30 2012

Tattooed Girls Will Always Have a Place Here

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Maybe it’s because I’m married.  Or maybe it’s because in the history of my life I haven’t really had too many encounters with “bad girls.”   And hell, maybe a girl with a tattoo isn’t necessarily a bad girl, but let’s face it.  There’s a chance.

And that chance always gets dudes like me excited.   Anything resembling some kind of a wild side on a female is always going to grab our attention.  And today, it was girls with tattoos that did it for me.

Enjoy the ladies after the jump…..

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Mar 30 2012

Five Reasons Why Birthdays Get Worse Each Year

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Earlier this month I celebrated my 33rd birthday.   While I’m still not ancient I do realize that I am in fact starting to get up there.   I mean I’m officially in my mid thirties now.   Yeah, I just realized that.  Great.

Anyway, I happened to have had a lovely birthday this year but I wanted to discuss how birthdays evolve and how they tend to get worse each year.   It’s not to be negative.  It’s just to point out how amazing birthdays were when you were a kid and how much less of a big thing they are these days.

Here are five reasons why birthdays get worse each year….

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Mar 30 2012

Friday’s Funbag: The Hottest Ova’s, Surprising Survival Tales, and Rockets Power

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Click on the photo for hot girls with last names ending in Ova

It’s an obviously last name ending for a hot woman but something none of us thought of.   Thankfully the guys at Brobible have brought it to our attention.   And now we have a definitive Russian hot girl list.

The Funbag

Seven deadly things you won’t believe people survive – [Cracked]

Take a look at the Rockets Power dancers – [Unathletic]

Actors who actually make better directors – [Maxim]

When you need celebrity cleavage go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

They call this place public urination park – [Heavy]

The dude who runs a mile and drinks a beer every day – [Guyism]

Check out the latest featured model – [Bullz-Eye]

One of the best beds in the universe – [Nedhardy]

This is the anthem that’s about staying in for the night – [Collegehumor]

I love looking at women with tattoos – [Funtasticus]

Kate Beckinsale looks amazing here – [Cityrag]

Olivia Munn knows what she did and we like it – [Celebslam]

How much do you think your body is worth? – [Holytaco]

This really makes me miss college – [The Chive]

Nice try but you’re doing it wrong – [Izismile]

She’s one of the hottest Russians on the planet – [Don Chavez]

Kate Upton looking as hot as she normally does – [Brosome]

I would love to hang out with Jessica Anderson – [COED Magazine]

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Mar 29 2012

Kate Upton Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for Kate Upton taking a walk

Honestly man, you know you’re hot when photos of you simply taking a walk are basically as hot as nearly any model pictures wearing a bikini.   At this point, that’s how hot Kate Upton is.   It’s truly unfair how amazing she is.  Oh, and she’s not wearing a bra here.

The Portfolio

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Mar 29 2012

12 Very Random Book Titles

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We’re not much for reading, but when we do decide to pick something up, it’s usually just a magazine to fill us in on all the unnecessary things we need to know.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been paying close enough attention to the paperbacks that we should be reading – which involves each and every single book on this list. It’s honestly like people just named their books ridiculous things to see what they could get away with – and for our amusement, we’re glad they did!

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