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Feb 29 2012

5 Things Guys Should Never Let Go of Even if They’re Married

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One of the things that kind of sucks about being married is that like it or not, things change.   Even if you have a great wife (which I do) you are still obligated to do certain things and be at certain places.   And many times these are things you don’t want to do and places you don’t want to be.

But if there’s one suggestion I have for all you married men out there, it’s to take hold of some things that can never be taken away from you.   Things that you should do for the rest of your lives.

Here are five such things…..

Getting Completely Obliterated From Time To Time

Chances are if you’re married you don’t quite go out as often as you used to.   And I’m not saying you should be going out a lot.  I’m not saying you should be partying a lot.  But I am saying that at least a few times a year you gotta tie one on.  You gotta remind yourself that you can still do it.  You can still party.  You can still make it happen.  Otherwise what’s the point?

Maintaining Porn in Your Life

It’s amazing how “human” porn is.   Seriously.  It’s like having a relationship with someone.  You have your ups.  You have your downs.  But the nice thing about porn is that it’s always there.   So be nice to it.  Return to it.   No, don’t do it with the same frequency you did when you were a teen but be nice to your porn stash.  Treat it with care and give it a visit every once in a while.

Sunday Football

And it doesn’t have to be Sunday Football.  It’s just that for a male who isn’t religious this is about the highest holy day of the year for us.  I mean if there’s one day of the week you should be allowed to roam free and have zero responsibility it’s this day.   And if it isn’t football then you need to work out some kind of seasonal weekly day where it’s a “guy” day.

Trips with the Fellas

Again, this is something that’s not necessarily going to happen very often.  But even if you can do it once a year, it’s important.   Set a fun weekend with a bunch of guys friends and let loose in some city.   Seriously.  It’s a must.  We have to unwind and be our old selves from before our marriages.   If anything to realize how stupid we used to be.  But oh how much fun it was.

Having Your Own Space

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “man cave” many times.   While not all of us can have something as extensive as a man cave I think it’s important to have a space to yourself.   A room.  A section of the apartment.  Something, anything that you can call your own and do with what you please.


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2 responses so far

  • Old Fred

    You forgot one: Don’t let go of your cojones! Compromise instead of surrender, fellow boppers; otherwise it will go badly for all involved!

  • stacy

    So i have a fun question….why would a guy cheat after 10yrs of being with someone? Also, he keeps cheating with the same girl..does he like her?



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