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Feb 27 2012

10 Guys You Always Had in Your Fraternity

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In about 3 weeks I’ll be going on what should be one of the craziest trips of my entire life.   Somehow, some way, 8 of my best friends from college who are all scattered about the country are all spending three days where we went to school:  New Orleans.

As I contemplate how bad a shape I’ll be in on the plane ride home it got me thinking of another thing.   We were all in the same fraternity.  The funny thing is, we all sort of had a “role.”

Speaking of which, here are 10 guys you always had in your fraternity….

The Meathead

This is the guy who’s in the gym constantly.   Usually wears a wife beater every single chance he gets.   At some point in college he definitely did steroids just to see how big he could get.

The President

This is the responsible one.  The one that everyone knows is responsible and elects for the sole purpose of being responsible so that everyone else doesn’t have to be.

The Guy Who Did Anything

This is the guy who you say “We’ll give you 100 bucks to drink a cup of dip spit” and he’d do it.   There’s always at least one of those.

The One Who Mistakenly Got In AKA The Loser

This is the guy that virtually everyone in the fraternity looks at and says “how the hell did this guy get in?”  Clearly he got in on a day when like five people were voting and they were all drunk.

The Racist

I hate to say it but every fraternity has got one.  Well, I went to school in the South so it was inevitable.

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