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Feb 24 2012

Five Celebrity Couples Reality Shows That People Would Eat Up

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I feel like everywhere I’m looking these days it’s some celebrity reality show that I don’t care about.   I mean come on already.  Do I really care about Kim Kardashian’s life that is chronicled over a month after we already heard about everything that happened to her?   Wait, do I care at all about anything Kardashian?

Yes, that she has an amazing rack and that I’d marry her but other than that who cares?   Kendra Wilkinson  Tori Spelling?  Jesus man, why do people eat this stuff up?

Well, I’d jump on the bandwagon if the following five shows came into existence….

Kevin and Kyra

I would have chosen Seal and Heidi Klum here but you see what happened with that.   So I guess the remaining “they seem so great!” celebrity couple would have to be Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.   And Jesus Christ how amazing does she look for her age?   I don’t know.  These two seem to have a nice little family life going and I’d like to know how the hell they do it on a day in day out basis.


Come on.  You wouldn’t tune it for just a little bit of this?  I’d want to see just how owned Mr. Pitt is.   I want to see how handling those 5000 kids can actually be.    And frankly I want to know what kind of power Jolie possesses to have this kind of hold over Brad Pitt.   I think all in all these two do a lot of good for the world but you know there’s a dark side out there.

Bieber and Gomez Up all Night

I admit it.  I would want to see these two little maroons on a show.  Actually I couldn’t care less but I think it would give us a clearer picture on whether or not Bieber does in fact like women.

Ellen and Portia

They’re really the only famous celebrity Lesbian couple I know of so as a male, of course I’d want to watch this.  The alternative would be Cynthia Nixon and I think I’ve already puked enough.    Actually Neil Patrick Harris and his guy would be a great revival of “My Two Dads.”

The Smiths

Don’t you just want to know how the hell the Smith family is do damned successful?  I’m willing to bet there’s like people from Cambodia working in their basement sweat shop or something.  Just kidding.  That family does run like a well oiled machine though doesn’t it?


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