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Feb 21 2012

The Biggest Celeb Sellouts

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Celebrities aren’t what they used to be. With companies throwing tons of money to land a popular name in order to help sell products, I guess that’s where we’re at these days – especially when it’s to people who aren’t even talented! (Sorry Rebecca Black)

As more and more celebs rake in the cash for letting an energy strip dissolve on their tongue, there’s a couple that just seem to go a bit too far with what they’re trying to do. Whether it’s to save face and to a complete 180 on their persona, or making really bad career choices, here are the worst celeb sellouts around.

The good news? If you’re a start-up with a ton of cash, we’ve narrowed your search for a spokesperson.

5. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Okay, so we admit that this probably isn’t the best way to lead off, assuming the Jersey Shore’s entire career has been a sellout, but we couldn’t possibly exclude him from this list, right? We’ll put it this way, if you’re willing to go by the nickname “The Situation,” parade around on MTV like a moron, and sign multi-million dollar endorsement deals, than you’re the definition of a sellout.

4. Paris Hilton

We find it nearly impossible to fathom that Hilton’s 95-pound frame truly enjoys scarfing down a greasy-ass cheeseburger. Add in the fact it was done in a flesh-tight black bathing suit, and it’s about as believable as you or I being the next President of the United States. Paris, you’re a hot millionaire who’s done nothing to make her fortune, could you please just enjoy that and stop trying to convince us otherwise? Thanks.

3. The Manning Brothers

Eli and Peyton Manning are two of the most accomplished Quarterbacks in NFL history. Both have played in multiple Super Bowls – winning at least one each – while scoring some serious endorsements for all their success. But when did anyone care about 30-something old men competing against each other in an Oreo lick-off? We get the pitch, but seriously Manning’s, you agreed to do this?

2. Eddie Murphy

There was a time when Eddie Murphy was really funny. And we don’t mean he’d just act like an idiot and people would laugh funny. He was as talented as a comedy actor could be, pretty much carrying SNL through some down years, while holding down a pretty good acting career. But oh how the times have changed. It pretty much started with Bowfinger, and went way down hill from there. Can’t we just have this hilarious Eddie back?

1. Ice Cube

Remember when Ice Cube was a complete badass in N.W.A.? Rappin’ things like, “You know it ain’t no stoppin’ all tha doggs I’m dropping,’ It’s Friday night so everythang is poplin,’ I got skin lets spin on da hand, So let the games begin If you’re between the ages?” Well if you’re between the ages of 18-25, there’s a really good chance you only know him as “a great guy who loves to make family comedies.” We feel really sorry for those people.

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