. Lifestyle Changes after the Age of 30 | - Part 2

Feb 21 2012

5 Lifestyle Changes I Never Thought I’d Make after 30

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Nutritional Concerns

I can’t remember a time that I watched my diet before the age of 30.   Now?   Not too much red meat!   Don’t eat more than 2 cans of tuna per week because of the Mercury!  There’s too much fat in that.   Good God.  The amount of crap we have to worry about today is crazy.  And at 30 I think you’re just more aware and the things you read affect you more.   In college and high school you don’t read, you just eat.

Waking Up Early on Weekends

This is probably one of the biggest changes.  I find that waking up early on weekends is fun.  It’s not often you have the opportunity to do nothing for virtually a whole day.   The earlier you wake up the more time you have to relax.  And I also find weekends a good time to do work as strange as that sounds.  There’s less pressure.

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