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Feb 21 2012

5 Lifestyle Changes I Never Thought I’d Make after 30

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I can’t even tell you how many little things are on my list of “I never thought I’d be doing that now” considering I’m now 10 years out of college.   And good God, I’m nearly 15 years out of high school!

Back in those days you felt somewhat invincible.  The last thing you worried about was your health.  You sure as hell didn’t worry about sleep, finances, or anything else that we’re bombarded with and that “matter” today.   Back then all you really worried about was having a good time.  And then maybe the occasional academic test or joke job you were carrying.

Today?  Today it’s different.   Once you hit 30, hell once you hit 25 different things matter and your life changes whether you want it to or not.   You now have to think about family, money, and living past 50 without a heart attack.  You know, stuff.

Here are five major lifestyle changes I’ve noticed about myself since hitting 30….

I barely Drink Alcohol Anymore

It’s not even something that I planned.  It’s not even something that I really noticed until I paid more attention to it.   But I just don’t drink anymore.   It’s not like I don’t like to tie one on every now and then.  It’s just that my body simply cannot take it.    If I get hammered on a Saturday, I’m feeling it until at least a Tuesday and smaller effects until Wednesday.  And with a job, wife, things to do during the week, it’s just not worth it anymore.    Hangovers just aren’t the same anymore.  In college they were almost fun.  A way to bond with the guys.  A way to sit around and struggle together.  Today?  Today a hangover is lonely, miserable, and basically kills your day when that day needs to be productive.

Going Out past Midnight is a Thing of the Past

This follows from the not having alcohol.  Though staying out without drinking isn’t nearly as bad as staying out with drinking, it still messes with me.   I tend to be on a good sleep pattern, even on weekends.  I’m pretty much in bed by the same time and wake up at the same time each day.  I go out till 3am one night and I’m usually a wreck for a few days after.  Kind of sucks but that’s what happens to you.   Once it hits 11pm I start getting really tired.

I Actually Stretch Before Going to the Gym

I just wrote this statement as a symbol for the fact that my body just isn’t what it used to be.   Back in my teens or early 20s I could go to the gym, not stretch, not do any warm up sets, and get right into my routine.  Now?  Since 30 I’ve had three pretty bad injuries from lifting too much weight and doing more activities than I should.   Basically doing the same stuff I did 10 years ago.   The body just can’t do that anymore.  So now?  Now I have to do cardio, lift less weight, and always stretch before and after a workout.  It really sucks.

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