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Feb 20 2012

Six Realistic Technologies That Will Change Men’s Lives

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Whether we like it or not the world is going to keep evolving. While some people like myself miss the days of the 80s, feathered hair, and WWF wrestling, we still have to adapt to our new world and new technologies. So even though I may be filled with nostalgia, I still find that some technology can be embraced. And as a male there are some technologies that should be quite beneficial in the years to come. Here are five that we’re pretty close to now….

Surrogates and/or Sexual Technology

You may have seen the movie Surrogates. While the movie itself is pretty mediocre the concept of having robotic wives isn’t really that far fetched. Some of the droids out there right now look so human and speak so human that it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference. Eventually we’re talking body parts, emotions, you name it. And let’s not forget about brain stimulation technologies that enable people to feel sexual orgasms. We’re not even 50 years away from this stuff. Scary.

Self Driving Vehicles

I probably speak for myself when I say I love to drive my own car but I’m guessing some of you are with me. However, I’m sure there are times when being on “autopilot” would be pretty fun. Considering that a number of cars already parallel park themselves, it’s a matter of time before some cars will be self sustaining and all we have to do is press a button and we’ll be going to our destinations.

Self Wiping Toilets

They already have stuff like this in China and frankly it’s still a mystery to me. However, the concept of a toilet that wipes you and dries you is something I’m very excited about. It’s like that “three seashells” thing in the movie Demolition Man.

The Ultimate Shaver

You’d have to think that somewhere waiting in the wings is a “shaving mask” or some kind of device that you hold over your face and poof, you’re clean shaven. Right? I mean that’s gotta be out there right? Either that or we’ll be using razors with like 15 blades at some point. But I gotta think there’s some kind of “one and done” technology being developed.

Your Phone will be Everything

I’m sure that you’re all starting to see what smartphones are capable of. And obviously this technology doesn’t just apply to men. However it kind of does apply to us more simply because it’s nice to have one device that does it all. Men don’t like to be bogged down with a bunch of crap and unnecessary space. Frankly I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface with out smartphones but you can bet that eventually phones will be our identity sources. You’ll be using your phone to scan your ID, pay for your groceries, and do all your shopping. It’s just a matter of time and you can practically do all this stuff now. You just don’t know it yet. Eventually it will be the norm.

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