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Feb 20 2012

10 Things Every College Kid Needs

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We just got back from one of the best weekends anyone can have – a couple days on a college campus. As we found ourselves being the old guys mingling up chicks with fake ID’s and undecided majors, we noticed all college kids seem to get by using only beer bongs, beer pong tables, and their iPhones to try and get drunk hookups.

Unfortunately, since we can’t just go back in time to our undergrad days, we started thinking about what else we truly needed while in college. Whether it was duct tape for the sole of our shoe, or a poster of Tom Selleck, it was stuff that would have served a good purpose at one time or another.

For all those who are still living the dream, we provide you a list of absolutes which will help you get by for the four – or seven – years of college.

10. Porn.

We know here’s a lot to do during college, like that whole studying thing, but there’s also a ton of free time. When your roommate’s at the library or in class, what else is there to do but pop in a good flick? No one’s really buying the whole “lotion’s for my dry hands” thing anyway.

9. Pen and Paper.

That’s right, we actually included something for educational purposes. If you didn’t have a pen and paper, how would you be able to doodle during that miserable lecture class? Plus, say your phone dies on you, there’s got to be a way to score the cutie’s number who’s sitting next to you.

8. Some type of Hangover Drink.

College is for partying – ahem, learning, and living the life of a rock star has its consequences. In order to have some productivity during the day, you need to recover the right way… so you can do it again that night!

7. Duct tape.

If there’s any questions why this makes our list, we really question your life skills. Broken wallet? Duct tape it right up! Forty hands? You know this comes handy! Just feeling bored and want to mess with the helpless pledge? Fact! Use your trusty tape.

6. Wayfarers.

Two things you need to know; 1) They make you seem like you’ve got some style, while also looking good on anyone, and 2) when Rihanna says, “I got my Ray Ban’s on, and I’m feelin’ hell-a-cool tonight,” you should take her advice. Rihanna’s cool, so you should be too.


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