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Feb 17 2012

It’s MJ’s 49th: Here’s Why He’s the Man

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It’s no secret that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player anyone’s ever seen. You can say we weren’t around when Russell or Wilt played, but let’s be honest – no one compares to MJ.

The funny thing is, as great as he was on the court, turns out he was quite the dick off it – even with all his donated money and community involvement. As the most recognizable athlete ever, it’s a little understandable that he got caught up in some of that stuff.

He’s a mogul of success, pretty much turning anything he touches into gold, still getting mentioned in rap songs, and extending his fortunes even more with his Jordan Brand – damnit those Wheaties work wonders.

As the man who turned bald cool turns 49 today, we wanted to offer a couple reasons why he’s the man – whether you love or hate him.

6 Rings

With all the real-time updates we get every second of the day, we hear nonstop about how LeBron’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. How he’s a freak of nature (true), and how at the end of the day, he’ll be the greatest player ever. There’s just one tiny problem with all this – he doesn’t have any jewelry to back it up. MJ not only talked the talk, arguably overcoming even greater teams to win his titles, but stood atop the mountain to show what a champ really looks like.


Most of us are too young to remember what Nike was before Jordan single-handedly earned CEO Phil Knight his billions. Back in the day, no one wore it. But once Mike came on-board, he took it to new heights, and still generates over $1 billion in sales with his Brand Jordan line. He’s pretty much what Steve Jobs was to Apple – an innovator beyond his years.

His Style

The 90′s were an awkward time for everyone in fashion, but MJ took it to the next level by trying to push it with the trends. Anyone who can pull off an outfit like this has to be honored for not only trying to pull it off, but actually convincing people back then that it was pretty cool to do it. Jordan created swag, everyone else was just trying to keep up.

“I’m Back.”

How much of a G are you to announce your comeback to the league after a year-in-a-half baseball stint with a two-word press release? Like the old adage goes, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play,” well this was Jordan pretty much telling the entire league that the big cat was back, so it’s time to stop playing around and let the Joneses perch back up where they belonged.

The Shot

Quick, which one do you think of when you hear those two words? If you’re like us, you probably have a handful that you can think of. There’s the original “shot” in the ’82 Title game while at UNC, the jumper against Ehlo and the Cavs, a bunch in-between, and then the dagger in the ’98 Finals versus the Jazz. Dude was so clutch, there’s probably a picture of him when looking up the definition.

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  • http://www.bestclubsin.com/berlin/berghain Berghain Nightclub

    Yup – I wasn’t around to see Russel, Wilt or the Big O and only just caught the end of the Magic / Bird era, but the thing is, as a basketball nut I can watch highlights of any of those dudes on Youtube (btw actually Kareem should be in this conversation…) and see the way they played. Jordan was on another level.

    Yeah – he was athletic, but he wasn’t a freak of nature (like say Wilt, Kareem, LeBron now or Oscar). What sets Jordan apart is his pure will – he won games with his mindset, his dedication and his endless drive. The closest we’ve seen in recent years is Kobe – the desire to win is in his very core.

    I love the hell out of LBJ, and he’s my favourite player to watch, but that kid just doesn’t have the heart of a champion or the mind of a killer. Consider this – if you put Michael Jordan’s mind into pretty much any of the bodies in the league, we’d still be having this conversation that that guy is one of the best.

    End of rant:)

  • Howard Brazee

    I was around when Chamberlain & Russel were playing.

    But if I were picking a team of all time players to play for *me*, Michael Jordan would be the second player I’d pick with those initials.



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