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Feb 17 2012

The 10 Best Beers You Drank When You Had no Money

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I feel like 6 packs of this stuff cost around three dollars.   Am I wrong?  At least back in the late 90s I’m pretty sure that’s what they cost.  And I have a feeling that in some states that price might hold up.  Man this is a bad beer but so cheap.

Rolling Rock

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a Rolling Rock since high school.  And I’m pretty sure I’ll never have one again unless I’m forced to.  It’s not that it’s a bad beer.  It’s just that I only associate it with high school or college.

Miller High Life

You know a beer is cheap when you can see it being sold by the can.   Yes, to this day in some places you can but thing thing in a refrigerator by the can.


Do they even make Stroh’s anymore.   This is like Schlitz’s evil step brother.  Totally different looking can but the same crap.    Stroh’s used to be in the 3-4 dollar a six pack range.

Keystone Light

No list of cheap. college-ready beer would be complete without Keystone, the “hangover beer” which can be had for pocket change at package stores around the country

*Old English

Technically it’s malt liquor but come on.   Everyone has had a 40 of Old E at some point in their lives.


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  • T

    I’d rather drink a can of watery shit than ever drink Schlitz again.

  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    I think Hamms beer is worth a mention, here in Indiana I can get a 30 case for $11.75 including tax, really cant beat it.



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