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Feb 17 2012

The 10 Best Beers You Drank When You Had no Money

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Back in the college days and for many people even high school you didn’t really care what beer you drank.  All you cared about was that it was cheap and that it served it’s purpose:  getting one drunk.

So for all you cared a label meant nothing.   The price tag was all that mattered.   And that’s pretty much how you discover all these weird brands out there that you know you’d never drink today.

Here are 10 cheap beers you drank when you were younger….

Natty Ice/Natty Light

I think this beer has more allure simply because of the name than anything else.   I feel like people just loved to say “Natty light” or “Natty ice.”  To this day I still love to say that stuff.  Hell people call me Natty so it works out nicely.   One of the cheapest beers out there and watery enough to easily drink it.

Bud Ice

Bud ice used to have higher alcohol content than most beers so it was a much better bang for your buck.  Honestly the drunkest I’ve ever been was a on a night filled with Bud Ice.


Indeed, many a beer drinker can recall slogging down a can of Shaefer for its rock-bottom price and widespread availability. Amazingly, Shaefer was the top selling beer in Puerto Rico during the 70′s and 80′s.

Milwaukee’s Best

Another great beer because of the nickname.   We all call it “the beast.”   And we should.   It’s simply not a great tasting beer but it certainly does the job.

Coors Light

This is what I call the “starter” beer.   Everyone starts off on Coors light because it has a watery feel and is very easy to drink.   It’s kind of like a gateway beer if you will.

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  • T

    I’d rather drink a can of watery shit than ever drink Schlitz again.

  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    I think Hamms beer is worth a mention, here in Indiana I can get a 30 case for $11.75 including tax, really cant beat it.



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