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Feb 16 2012

Why the Jeremy Lin Story Isn’t That Surprising

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Unless you’ve been absolutely clandestine for the past couple weeks, you’ve heard of (and probably followed) everything about the Jeremy Lin story. Between the Lin-sanity, the city of New York wishing everyone a Happy Va-Lin-tine’s Day, and ESPN pretty much dedicating all its air time to the dude, there’s absolutely no escaping it.

Unlike the Tim Tebow story that stole the NFL headlines every second of the day this past season, we’re actually really Lin-terested by the success of this undrafted dude from Harvard. We’re a little jealous of his degree, but for a guy that less than two weeks ago was the last man to dress – if at all – and sleeping on teammates’ and his brother’s couch, we find ourselves checking his stat line each night and hoping he keeps it up.

But just because he’s a sensation that’s rippin’ the NBA a new one right now, doesn’t mean it should be all that surprising. If there’s one thing Ivy League kids prove, it’s that they seem to succeed in everything they do, so why should the NBA be any different?

He Went to Harvard

As we mentioned earlier, any Ivy Leaguer seems to do pretty well for themselves. While playing for the Crimson, it’s not like the dude was a slouch. He dropped 30 on perennial powerhouse UConn, earning praise from local drunk Jim Calhoun – though his assessment was accurate on Lin. Even if this wave of success decides to crash down on him, we’re pretty sure that Econ degree from his alma mater will serve him pretty well.

Tim Tebow

It’s no secret that we’re a little tired of ol’ Timmy boy. We give him props for what he’s done, but do we really need all the extracurricular stuff that comes along with his religion and virginity? Like Tebow, Lin brings a humble attitude, squeaky-clean image, and a scrappy, “I’ll out hustle your ass” chip on his shoulder. For us suckers who are used to the norm of self-indulged athletes, we tend to overplay the good guy card when we find one.

It’s Happening in New York

As everyone seems to suggest, Lin’s story isn’t even script worthy, it’s almost too perfect to fathom. The success he’s having on the biggest media stage in the world is really remarkable, especially with the pop icon he’s becoming. But if he was playing for the Toronto Raptors – who he just so happened buried last night – would anyone really give a damn? The only other place this could even conceivably happen is in L.A. – and we’re not talking about with the Clippers.

It’s Sports – This Stuff Happens

We really don’t want to downplay all that’s happening – because it’s amazing – but let’s be honest, it’s not like we’ve never seen it before. We’re all at fault for the flavor of the month, and right now it’s the Lin-vincible little engine that could. Just as we find ourselves cheering for the underdogs in everything, things like this in sports tend to happen. A major upset here, sprinkled in with an adoring player there – it’s what makes sports so great.

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